How Signature Media Uses Pro-Mail to Grow Its Business

Hartford, CT (PressExposure) May 23, 2008 -- Signature Media Solutions, Inc., (SMA) needed to find the most efficient solution for a long-time client having both complex fulfillment requirements and variable web-to-print needs (i.e., every piece can be customized with a different logo and address and proofed online). The client wanted one-stop shopping by linking through a single portal.

“I had been using pro-mail® for years,” Dave Dunphy, Signature Vice President of Operations, says. “The pro-mail fulfillment solution functions and reporting have been refined over decades of working experience, making it attractive to Signature.” So Dunphy called Software Marketing Associates, the producers of pro-mail.

The Challenge:

Signature is a privately held, Houston-based media communications firm with a coast-to-coast client base. It offers printing, on-line ordering and fulfillment, creative services, marketing support and promotional items.

“We are an independent, customer-oriented company. We realize our growth is dependent upon providing solutions to our customers and not just by putting ink on paper,” Dunphy says. “We knew that if we could get our software products integrated, the result would be a solution that was great for our current customer and an attractive solution we could market to new prospects, resulting in new clients who need the same options.”

Signature added fulfillment services to their product line some time ago and built online fulfillment web sites to suit their client’s needs. Unfortunately, these were created by different programmers, the maintenance was problematic and the site programming lacked consistency. They needed automation as well as all the solutions that arise from fulfillment sites required for growth.

“We needed more than a programmer; we needed someone with experience that recognized where we were going and how to stay ahead,” Dunphy adds.

The Solution:

Dunphy asked Software Marketing Associates to help. To develop a workable solution, SMA’s pro-mail software integrated with other software licensed by Signature. As a result of successful integration, Signature’s customer was able to enter through the pro-mail shopping cart, place their variable printing order, and then link seamlessly back to pro-mail for ease of reporting, shipping, billing, and ordering of non-variable items.

As a result, time and money savings are achieved due to the automation that the software integration allows, therefore eliminating all manual work for Signature. Furthermore, Signature Media and their customers now have access through pro-mail that provides real-time reporting as well as ensuring ease of reporting, shipping and billing. Most important, because of this innovative thinking, customers find the solution to be what they want and need.

“Pro-mail brought a consistent well-thought-out and proven solution to Signature, backed up by years of experience and constant improvements,” Dunphy says. “Customers now access real- time transactions; they enjoy easy access and a depth of reports that previously did not exist; and they experience a superior level of interaction.”

Furthermore, according to Dunphy, pro-mail’s newest version offers a custom look and feel that attracts anyone looking for an online store, internal fulfillment or internet sales.

“Like Signature, we are about solutions,” Denise Lunden, President, Software Marketing Associates, says. “When Dave approached us and described his challenge, we were eager to make the integration happen. Working together, we created a wonderful success story for us and Signature.”

The Results:

By partnering with Software Marketing Associates, Signature has more than doubled its fulfillment customer base and has the ability to easily create a demo site that incorporates the prospective customer’s logos and appearance. Furthermore, Signature now offers a new level of fulfillment services to their customers.

The partnership allows savings in time and money due to the automation that the integration allows. All manual work for Signature was removed, and Signature no longer needs programmers, saving them $70,000 to $100,000 per year.

Lessons Learned:

• Innovation, creativity and strategic partnering lead to meeting client’s wants and needs as well as business growth. • Pro-mail is a partner who is constantly improving their product, which improves Signature’s service and grows its sales. • Because of this innovative thinking, new customers are finding the solution to be just what they want and need.

Case study published on 5/20/2008

Company: Signature Media Solutions Location: Houston, Texas Contact: Dave Dunphy, Vice President Operations Industry: Print, On-line Ordering and Fulfillment, Creative Services, Marketing Support and Promotional items.

Company: Software Marketing Associates, Inc. Location: Rocky Hill, CT. Contact: Denise Lunden, President Industry: The pro-mail® system is designed specifically for organizations that provide direct marketing and fulfillment services.

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