How To Bench Press Properly - New Video Released From Popular Fitness Blogger Belly Fat Loser

Redmond, WA (PressExposure) March 06, 2011 -- One of the Most Popular Exercises is the Bench Press - It's Often Done Wrong, Here's How to Do It Correctly

The bench press is one of the most popular exercises, and one of the best upper body strength development movements. Used by elite athletes, bodybuilders, and gym rats alike, the bench press develops most of the upper body muscles, adding strength and mass. It would be impossible to discuss this exercise without talking about it's reputation as well.

Many weight trainers use it as a yardstick for strength training. In fact, one of the most oft heard quotes in any gym is "How much can you bench?" It's this kind of mentality that leads many lifters to perform the bench press improperly. Visit most gyms and examples of improper form can be seen with unsettling regularity. The reason people, typically younger men, continue to do this lift wrong, is because it is easier to lift heavier weights this way.

Not only does this look positively silly to experienced lifters, but it can be downright dangerous. Improperly performing this lift can lead to all manner of injuries, including lower back problems and shoulder injuries.

Ironically, lifting properly will actually make the athlete stronger, and muscular development will be greater. This, in addition to the lessened injury risk, points to the necessity of adopting correct form when bench pressing.

Seeing it done properly sets an easier example to follow than does a written description. This is the reason Belly Fat Loser released this video, detailing exactly how to bench press correctly. Viewing the video reveals the proper position and motion that guarantees an effective lift with minimal injury risk.

The video can be viewed here:

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