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Hot Springs, AR (PressExposure) December 28, 2009 -- It almost sounds cliché today, but sometimes cliché tells the whole story with just a few words. I mean when we are sick, we go to a doctor. When we buy a new car, we show it to a seasoned mechanic who understands the inner-workings of a vehicle engine. When our cupboard is bare, we go grocery shopping.

But where do we go when we want to buy a romantic gift for the one we love. I don't mean flowers. Flowers were the old mainstay for many years. Women (and men) still enjoy getting flowers, but they also enjoy, usually even more so an everlasting gift. Flowers last a week or two. The appropriate romantic hand-designed special gift can last a lifetime and even become a family heirloom.

There are numerous shops that sell romantic gifts. So how do we know where and from whom to purchase? It shouldn't be overwhelming or difficult in any way. The best way is to go online away from the flower shops, bed and bath boutiques and other mainstream shops at which everyone has seen what is sold, and these shops, though attractive, do not offer anything new or exciting.

I discovered a love columnist, in fact according to several major search engines such as Google and MSN "America's Favorite Love Columnist" who also happens to have her own designer gift shop. I took a look through the shop and discovered her own uniquely designed products such as womens tops, shoes, aprons, mouse pads, postage stamps and greeting cards, even doggie sweaters and onesies for the baby. These were not the kind one might find at Macy's or Saks. They were uniquely hand designed and the store count showed she has 6000 products.

Whether it is online or at a brick and mortar mall, I like to know from whom I am purchasing. Is this a young person without much experience in relationships and love or has she seen enough to be a problem-solver rather than an instigator of "new issues" that don't even exist. Don't laugh, many therapists, counselors etc do not know the difference. Their frame of reference is their own family of origin and no amount of education can or does change that.

I read some of this love columnists articles, love poems and responses to those who had written her with serious issues that needed complex problem-solving techniques. She had that down. Then I looked at her products. They are not flashy, the colors and styles are romantic and alluring, and obviously very different than what one might find on a retail shelf, whether it be in a store or on the Internet.

Though this kind of find does not happen every day, the timing was perfect that I took a little extra time and research to find someone who not only understands love, but has figured out a way through both photography and graphic design to put them on gifts and collectibles which, to me, makes them ageless and in many ways "living things".

I am certain there are other stores out there (on the net) that sell romantic items; in fact I visited some. At these stores there was no reference to the owner, and/or what their "take on love" was or is.

At Lee Hiller's Designs, she spelled it out just like it is. She is America's #1 Favorite Love Columnist and it reflects in both the words she writes and the amazing products she designs. The prices are surprisingly affordable and the look and feel of the products spell romance as much as her columns. I know where I will be shopping this Valentine's Day and for other gift occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc. It feels empowering to stumble upon such a find.

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