"How To Get Rich In A Recession" - Internet Marketing & Entrepreneur Business Seminar, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland (PressExposure) June 04, 2009 -- Creating wealth in a recession. It’s a strange idea. Perhaps it’s a different concept, maybe, even an old-fashioned concept. Built on the ideas of solidarity and taking responsibility, it is both new and old at the same time. It is new because we have forgotten our past and it is old because it has been with us since the dawn of mankind.

A few disillusioned individuals, sick of hearing defeatist politicians and media spin decided to take matters into their own hands. They had enough of the dreaded ‘R’ word. They reckoned it is about time people replaced it with another word – that word is ‘Success’.

This group of individuals did a small amount of talking but have taken a lot of action and initiative and decided that Ireland needed a better message. Their message speaks of potential and possibility; not what can’t be done but what can be done. A message that is so powerful it has to be given a voice, a stage, a platform. It has to be heard.

From the same people who brought ‘Think and Get Rich Bootcamp’ and ‘Life Lasting Success." Some of the best speakers in the world including Bob Proctor of ‘The Secret’ will share with you their ideas, their strategies, and their success as they strive to show you a world of pure potentiality.

The vast majority of us are held back not by our capabilities but by our beliefs and misconceptions. As one speaker at the last event said, ‘There are no secrets, only stuff you don’t know’. Come to this event and you will be shown and told the ‘stuff you don’t know’ by world recognised experts in their fields.

Undoubtedly, many people either have not heard the phrase Internet Marketing or only have a very basic understanding of what that concept means. (Think mobile phones 10 years ago). A great portion of people do not know that there are many people who have become highly successful thanks to the medium of the Internet. Or they are simply not aware of the full potential of a global market.

This three day event will show you the full potential of the Internet and how to best utilise it for your own business.

The top line-up for the three-day special event includes:

Bob Proctor – Author and Star of ‘The Secret’ Bob has become a household name in the field of personal development and has written several successful, best-selling books. Bob’s mission is to carry the message that giants such as Wallace Wattles and Napoleon Hill preached – recognising and realising your limitless potential.

Sean Roach – Strategist and Entrepreneur Sean has carved his reputation on a variety of different disciplines from Internet Marketing, organisational turnaround to hiring the right people. Some of the client Sean has worked with include: MGM, Ford, BMW and Mirage Resorts.

Chris Guerriero – Guru Generator Chris is a top coach who specialises in making people leaders their field. Chris has a developed a proven system that has people following their passions and living their dream lives. From an author to a coach, a speaker to a leader and all the steps in between - Chris can assist you in following and living your dreams.

Pat ‘The Rainmaker’ Slattery – Irish Entrepreneur and Motivation Coach Born and bred in Limerick, Pat has become one of the most successful Irish businessmen in the country. Having grown up in Moyross, Pat was never afraid to try his hand at different pursuits. The former rugby player and weightlifter started up his own business at the tender age of 16 and has never looked back since.

Owen O’Malley – Irish Stock Trading Guru Owen has taught thousands of people the ‘ins and outs’ of stock market trading. Following the methods of the world’s richest man, Warren Buffet, Owen has developed a tried and trusted method of making money from the stock exchange. What’s more - his system can be replicated by anyone regardless of age or intellectual capability.

Ron White – US Memory Champion and Sales Guru Ron is a master when it comes to the art of sales. He is the author of ‘The Proven System For Success in Sales’ a seven step guide to sales mastery. Among other things Ron is also the 2009 US Memory Champion.

Mark Anastasi – Ebook and Internet Marketing Entrepreneur Mark literally turned his life around in a matter of days as he went from a homeless down-and-out to online millionaire. Mark now teaches other people the same skills that got him out of debt and depression.

Roy Carter - ‘Easy Cash’ Internet Marketer Roy was forced into changing his work habits after a heart scare and entered the world of Internet Marketing. Roy will share his step-by-step system of how he earns $500,000 a year working just three hours a day.

Raymond Aaron – Canadian Success and Investment Coach Raymond is co-author of Chicken Soup for the Canadian Soul and Chicken Soup for the Parent’s Soul. Raymond runs a successful mentor’s programme designed to turn your life around so that you can get the results that you desire. As a result Raymond is one of the most sought after speakers in North America.

Stevey McGeown – Irish Business and Motivation Coach After being introduced to Tony Robbins’ Unlimited Power, ‘Stevey’ as he likes to be known, decided to face his fears and ‘play to win’. Since then he has set up the Northern Ireland Curves franchise and has become one of Ireland’s best motivation coaches. There is no door Stevey will not open in pursuit of getting you to fulfil your dreams.

So if you want to pursue your passions, if you want to live your dreams, if you want to affect those around you positively, and if you want to add value to the world – then this event is for you.

What this event will do is give you concrete, real world strategies that work and give real results. These strategies work for the people who use and continue to use them.

Like the proverbial cliché ‘You can take a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink’ it is up to you to take action and use these great ideas and strategies in your life. What this event will do is give you the ability to see farther and further, and to see the abundant opportunities as they present themselves in your life.

Here is what some people have to say about previous Empire Events:

‘Thank you...For setting up my favourite event ever. I have been to a lot of seminars and this was truly my favourite. My Website jumped 5.5 million places last night on Google from 6.5 million to 1 million – Happy Days’. Sotiris Basskaropoulos, Bangor. [http://www.everlastingdevelopmentevents.com]

‘I attended the event. I did the follow up courses with Matt Bacak and Adam Ginsberg. I designed a web-site [http://www.buynikerunners.com]. I didn’t spend 1 penny on directing traffic to this site. Within 1 week, I had the web-site on the first page of Google, number 9 to be exact. I rang several colleagues who had also attended the event to verify this. They checked and could see my site at number 9 also. Impressive or what? The site has since slipped back in the ranking. It was only a test and I didn’t put much effort in since. My video advertising is still number 10 on the first page of Google when searching for ‘buy nike runners’. This stuff works but the question is will you put the effort in and make it happen?’ Paul Casey

I have attended many seminars over the years and I have to say that the LifeLastingSuccess Seminar has been one that has had the most profound effect on me. The speakers were incredibly inspirational and I met wonderful new friends whom I know I will do business with in the future. I am determined to become a best-selling Author and I know without a doubt I am on my way to achieving great things. Thanks to Gary and the guys at Empire Events, Ireland.

Paula Williams – Xceptional Coaching - [http://www.sabp-web.co.uk/xceptionalcoaching/]

About Empire Events Ireland

The aim of the game is to get past the place where money is the most important part of your life, because the reality is, until you crack it - it is.

If you're ready, get your ticket today, because they're going to be gone soon - http://www.LifeLastingSuccess.com

Gary McGeown

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