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Kalpergho, Burundi (PressExposure) September 30, 2009 -- Many short people have issues with their shortness. They oftentimes lack confidence because of this and it can be a problem. Because of all this, they may start to look for different ways available to become taller. There are many ways to try to grow taller but not all of these methods are safe. Before trying any such method out, it is best to carry out thorough research beforehand. Always try to avoid taking steroids and other medications as very often the risks involved are just not worth the benefit.

A lack of self-confidence sometimes leads people to hunch over, giving them the appearance of being shorter than they really are. They think that by hunching down, they can make themselves less noticeable but unfortunately this can make them look even shorter. People with a good posture, on the other hand, always look taller than they are. By trying to correct your posture, you will be stretching your spine and therefore encouraging your bones to grow.

Having a good positive attitude towards any natural attempts at increasing your height can also help. Exercising is great at increasing height as it encourages bone growth and stretches muscles. By continuing with a positive attitude while exercising, you will feel better and the longer you do these stretching exercises, the more chance your body will have to grow.

There is some clothing types that offer an illusion of being taller. Certain clothes help to give a taller appearance while other clothes can bring attention to your height. Know the right clothes and colours to wear to accentuate your body and give you a longer appearance . Don't forget that high heeled shoes can also make you a few inches taller.

Utlilise one of the many websites now available online to get all the encouragement you need while attempting to add inches to your height. And don't forget, there is no reason to turn to the more drastic measures to increase your height when there are adequate natural methods available.

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