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Tulsa, OK (PressExposure) July 03, 2009 -- Off-Leash K9 Dog Training of Tulsa, formerly Sit Means Sit of Tulsa, is making Tulsa a safer place by teaching local dog owners how to handle their aggressive dogs. The following are just a few of the tips Off-Leash K9 is teaching:

1. Have your dog spayed or neutered. Doing so will reduce hormonal dominance levels. Check with your veterinarian to discuss your best options.

2. Stop playing rough with your dog. Roughhousing games (like tug of war, wrestling, etc.) teach your dog that challenging you is fun. When your dog wins, he thinks he is stronger than you; and stronger dogs are always higher in the social hierarchy of the pack. In addition, do not allow your dog or puppy to “play bite”. This teaches him bad habits.

3. Teach your dog the “down” command and use it throughout the day. The down position (where the dog is lying down) is a submissive position. Many dogs, especially fearful or dominant dogs do not like this position. So, instead of letting your dog wander around the house or go where he pleases, make him lie down and stay there while you’re preparing dinner, watching television, changing your clothes, etc. Make your dog stay down for at least a full 30 minutes every day.

4. Do not let your dog sleep on the bed. And do not let your dog sleep on your child’s bed. Annette Adams, the owner of Off-Leash K9 says, “There are sometimes more dominance and aggression problems created by people who let their dogs sleep on their bed, than perhaps any other single behavior.” The pack leader always sleeps on higher ground. Subordinate dogs sleep on lower ground. Being higher (or on top) is a dominance behavior.

These are only a sample of the what Off-Leash K9 is teaching Tulsa area dog owners. For more information, or to read this article in its entirety, visit Off-Leash K9 is available for interview in the Tulsa area. Contact Marc Adams at 918-949-STAY (7829) for more information. Videos, jpegs and more testimonials are available upon request.

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