How To Increase Productivity And Decrease Stress Through Time Management

Minden, NV (PressExposure) May 27, 2009 -- A timely new book has just been released in the Mindmap to Riches series called "Secrets to Effective Time Management" available at, which teaches time management tips, techniques, strategies to get organized and to increase the business’ productivity.

The time management resources in this new self help e-book will help you to work more productively, set priorities, and focus your time and effort on activities which will give you the best results and save time so you can work smarter.

Jeremy Gislason of SureFireWealth Inc, the owner and publisher of this self improvement series at discusses managing your workload, eliminating low priority busywork and reducing stress. With heavy stress comes many health related problems, it has been established that those who use these time management skills well are able to function exceptionally even under intense pressure.

The book is a great guide and educates you on personal time management skills. Those who have already benefited from it have posted their testimonials on the website including leading names in online business. The skills discussed elaborately in the book helps an individual to become highly effective, by showing how to identify and focus on the activities that translate into the greatest returns. With good time management skills a person is in more control of your time, life and can find new energy levels.

Points elaborately discussed in the book are the ability to beat procrastination and laziness which are considered among the most important time management skills to master. Identify your causes of procrastination and start fighting it with the tips and strategies by Jeremy Gislason.

Further classified are details on good decision making skills which is the foundation of life and time management skills. One can also learn prioritizing skills that allow focus on what is most important. The book teaches to set priorities wisely, to achieve that which provides more of personal time.

In addition while one cannot increase the number of hours in the day, the skills taught help you to increase your energy and mental performance to put in those hours and the quality of life one achieves out of them.

Minimal effort and few tips, techniques on Time Management can eliminate much of wasted time to help you reach balance. “I have dedicated this series of ongoing self help books”, says Jeremy Gislason, Publisher of the Mindmap to Riches series volume 2 "Secrets to Effective Time Management “to help all those who need that ‘kick in their pants’ to get them moving in the right direction towards success and happiness in their lives”. It has been expressed that with these lessons you can choose which time management techniques are most relevant for your situation and business.

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