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Arden, North Carolina (PressExposure) November 30, 2009 -- The method outlined in the book, "Win Bets Consistently", gives intimate insight into what the professionals in this particular business category are up to. It gives its readers insight into the nature of the craft of these professionals and allows one to find the type of accurate information that must give away what the insiders are up to.

One must understand that for the common man any form of investment is a mere gamble. In the art of investing only those who are completely familiar with the trends in their particular niche of expertise can be relatively certain of making sure profits on investments. The advice proffered by expensive counselors is only as good as the counselors are willing to reveal about their niche of expertise.

Even a newspaper as the Wall Street Journal is generally 45 or more days late in reporting vital business information and in volunteering investment advice. If one wants to make sure that one makes an informed decision on a new investment one wants, utterly crack-of the-breakthrough accurate information.

Those having accurate information about a new viable investment opportunity generally have already secured their positions, so that the price of the investment has inflated to a point that precludes a reasonable profit for the late-comers. Even the insiders cannot be certain whether their choice will ultimately be a success. If you are a late-comer your chances of making a reasonable profit in that investment have watered down to about the break-even point or worse.

Also, if you invest on a hunch of a 'near future' breakthrough opportunity you will surely gamble away your investment bankroll. Hunches, more often than not, are based on false rumors.

Even when one has solid investments in long-term stock, bonds or real estate one is constantly at risk of an unannounced, economic recession or depression that can shatter one's dreams or in the least raise havoc with one's investment portfolio and capital.

How many people have gone broke in the present economic depression? Not only people, but banks and corporations of all kinds have gone under. For most people investing is too risky an endeavor to pursue, but hunger for money make fools of many.

However, "Win Bets Consistently" teaches a person to get up-to-the-minute, accurate information on making or declining a bet. Just knowing when to decline a bet saves a person so much money that future 'sure' investments are possible.

Most gamblers/investors are too eager, and economic vagaries are so uncertain to allow them to be ultimate winners. Using the knowledge and insight of Win Bets Consistently (and all is revealed in this book) gives one a proverbial seat in the backroom where the insiders configure winning bets. Even though these people may make an unprofitable investment now and then their investments are generally successful beyond the dreams of the general public.

Also, every insider will publish or spread false rumors to increase his/her own profit margin in the field of his/her expertise. Anyone having some time and money at hand can learn and practice the procedures necessary to become successful investors in the category outlined in this book. Just reading "Win Bets Consistently" will make a person more aware of the pitfalls of investing in general.

The specific arena used to make these profits is at the horse races. One does not have to know all about the horses (or the dogs or race drivers). Horses (and car drivers) are mere tools; and they are used to mislead the public in making the wrong decisions in wagering. This book gives expertise in betting on the horses that reveal the deceptions and also reveal the truth of why a horse wins a race or why it looses. The information in this book can also apply to other types of organized races.

Racing is a business. Like other professionals those who participate in the races have their ways and means to derive a sure and liberal profit from their businesses. By learning what they are doing you can share in their profits!

Horse racing is an activity that attracts many from the general public. Certain disclosures are always given before a race is started that give the public incentives to bet. Knowing how to correctly interpret this data allows you to be almost as certain of making a winning bet as the insiders. Over the long run you will be very successful in making money-more successful than the common man can expect from other means of investment. Win Bets Consistently allows you to further your skills beyond what is given in the book. It all depends on your desire to be successful; without "Win bets Consistently" such desires will evaporate like boiling water.

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The author lived right next door to a horse racing track and in his spare time studied and practiced betting on horses. He researched the way successful betters do it. From all his composite experiences and insights he learned not only the vageries of investing but also this successful means of betting.

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