How To Use Twitter For Your MLM Business

Norwich, United Kingdom (PressExposure) October 21, 2009 -- Social network marketing is a big must for all those starting out in their MLM business. You have the likes of Facebook and MySpace out there which are also great, but now we have Twitter!! When starting up in your business you don't really want to be spending a lot of money on advertising not until you are earning a buck or two, so the best way is to start networking with like minded people on these social networking sites which is totally free.

Now Twitter is very unlike your other social sites out there, in the way that there is only a photo of you, a 160 character bio and a web link, on top of this you only have 140 characters to tweet about. Once you have set up your Twitter account its time to make your first post! The first most important thing to remember is not to sell, sell, sell. Post something that is intriguing and attach a shortened link to a URL, (there are sites where you can shorten your link for free) Post information that is useful to your followers. Ask your followers questions. Try to get them to interact with you. Yes you are trying to get leads for your business, but It doesn't hurt to occasionally post something personal about yourself to remind your followers that you're human too.

Don't just tweet (post) your own articles and links. Tweet other news articles, tips, etc. that you find helpful and that are relevant to your followers. You can also post good quotes (either your own or other people's). Many people post inspirational/motivational quotes.

Don't forget to #RT (re-tweet) posts that you like. This is a great way to get respect of other tweeters, and this is another great way to interactive with other tweeters. To do this you just need to copy the post, paste it in your text box and put an #RT in front of it. This shows that you're not selfish! Re-tweeting exposes the post to your followers and possibly will get the poster new followers. Others will return the favor when they see you RTing.

Thank new followers (send them a welcome direct message (DM)). It is common courtesy to follow someone back who follows you, but don't be afraid not to follow people who you don't want to follow, you will know who these people are Don't be afraid to send someone a message - to do that you type @username then type your message as normal. This is called an @ message, and people will see these listed on their home page. This helps build relationships with your followers.

Always Interact with your Twitter followers! Build relationships, provide good information and NEVER EVER try to sell them. Offer help and eventually you will start to reap your rewards by getting leads to your business.

Some tools out there are, Social Oomph which helps you to automate a DM to all the followers, post tweets and also by following people. Use to shorten your URLs, you only have 140 characters to post a tweet so this helps you to post a little bit more in your tweet.

A great way which to get more followers is to look at one of you followers and look at their followers. Then you will have a list of 20 tweeters, which then I would follow all of them and would do so for the next 4 pages, so in total you are now following 100. I would do this 5 days a week which if you do the math = 500 that you are following a week. Now not all of those 500 tweeters will follow you back, so after a week you shouId use a tool for Twitter which is called Huitter, this tool is fantastic for unfollowing people which don't follow you back. Twitter has a rule that your followers and the people you are following must be within 10% with each other, other wise Twitter will not let you follow any more people, so Huitter really helps you to increase your followers.

Another tool which is great, is DM Wacker. What Twitter lacks is the mass delete of direct messages, as you will learn you can only delete them one by one, and if you start getting 500 direct messages a week it can become a chore deleting these DM. Now don't just delete all of you messeges, lets not forget why you are using Twitter... But once you have scanned through them and replyed to some of them its time to push one button to trash them all. This tool is a bookmarklet, enter in DM whacker in your search engine and you will come across it. This site will explain how to use this very time saving tool.

There are 100's of tools for Twitter, but the ones Listed are a few of the better ones.

Happy Twittering!

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