How to Apply Marketing Strategies to Your Direct Mail Postcard Printing

Los Angeles, California (PressExposure) April 25, 2008 -- Postcard printing is one of the most affordable media tools you can use for your marketing and advertising schemes. For one, it is a practical tool that can easily be picked out by your clients on display stands or mailed out to your prospective consumers in their homes or offices.

Second, it is a cost-effective way to get your word out to numerous, interested clients who are truly interested in buying your products or acquiring your services, instead of using the shot gun approach. Third, it has great potential and versatility for it can be used as invitations, greeting cards, club card flyers, thank you notes and so on.

Steps before Printing: Conceptualization & Marketing Strategies

The postcard possesses a great number of potentials. Printing is easy, but the rest of the steps before it may not be as hassle-free. Planning and conceptualizing takes time as you have to consider and integrate these things:

1. Specific purpose of your postcards Are you using postcards to land bigger sales or simply to launch your new products or company? It is for visibility that will win you a bigger market share or a PR tool that will create a positive feedback on your company?

2. The target readers of your postcards Are you building a wider network of clients or business partners? Is it for individuals who are more interested in retail or company owners who might be interested in bulk purchases?

3. The concept behind your postcards Everything that you put in to your postcards communicates something about your brand identity or company. But other than this, the concept is all about a unified idea or theme that the readers can clearly grasp and associate with.

4. Brand identity Preserve a consistent image on how your clients see you and know you. Establish a prominent feature about you or your products by adhering to your brand identity. In the same manner, you can preserve the manner on how your clients value your products.

5. Call to action Always initiate an action for your clients to take - visiting your site or establishment, availing your promotions, and maybe even signing up for your newsletter. Any action that would lead towards the objective you had in mind.

6. Printing Feasibility While all these questions and ideals are necessary, it is also important for you to look at the practical side of things in order to realize such goals. Know whether you'll be able to afford not only the cost of printing, but mailing as well.

Know whether offset printing will be used or digital printing. Are pantone colors necessary or not? Will a 12 pt. stock suffice or is a 14 pt. better, even if the two stocks come at the same price? Are folded postcards truly necessary rather than opting for bigger 6x11 postcards?

These five points are integral on how effective your postcards will be, how your readers will respond to them, and ultimately, reward you with the results you need. Always ask yourself questions about your postcard printing projects and it will help you anticipate varying responses.

In the long run, knowing the answers to these questions would help you come up with a more successful and convenient postcard printing projects. Also, help you predict the outcomes of your direct mail efforts.

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