How to Apply Unique Styles to Your Postcard Design Projects

Los Angeles, CA (PressExposure) April 23, 2008 -- Designs and styles are exactly what makes your postcards visibly unique. Apart from your concepts and messages, it is the actual translation of your ideas into postcard design that can spell the difference from what is inventive and original.

Visual interpretations of your messages can come in many forms. It can be rendered or captured on photographs, abstracts, illustrations, collages & mosaics, and patterns to name a few.

Communicating through the language of colors may not always be easy. Such compositions require design software programs and experience.

If you are an entrepreneur who'd like to be able to come up with professional postcards that are unique, there are still options to choose from. You can save and create postcards without hiring freelancers or graphic designers. These handy tips and ideas are at your disposal to make a clean and effective layout and design for your postcards that

Remember too that your clients or readers should be motivated to pick up your postcards. So if you want your postcards to beat the rest of mail and be read with interest, then the best way to do it is through design.

Design Features There are a lot of postcards out there and still a lot are being printed out. How to easily make designs that stand out can be real easy when you've put your mind to it.

1. Patterns Make a unique design using your logo and your brand's color scheme. In this manner, you would not only creatively come up with a new style, but one that easily promotes your brand. This helps in familiarizing your customers about your business or products. It also makes for better memory recall.

2. Stickers Place some stickers with your postcards and create texture and contrast. A sticker may even be a great tactic in order to send out freebies that only a select few will enjoy. Stickers can personalize your postcards. It can serve as a unique design you can integrate with your postcard designs.

3. Finishing There are plenty of ways to add accents to your postcards by means of embossing, debossing and even foil stamping. Each of this makes for a particular effect, changing the surface of your card with more texture, depth, and even impact.

4. Layouts Invitation postcards should present the necessary information immediately: such as the venue, date, and time. Postcards used for promotions, on the other hand, need to rely on heavy text to be read.

You can layout your design by choosing to center the text and use simple borders as an overall design. You can also divide the postcard in half and place the text on one half, and the images on the other.

You can divide the postcard vertically or horizontally. For the latter, it is much effective for the text to be placed on top so the focus is on the message.

5. Color Schemes Do not be afraid of loud colors for the worst it can do is call the attention of your readers. Shades of neon colors can even be used and applied to your postcards either by spot colors or another.

And for everything else, there are professionally crafted postcard templates you can use for your postcard design projects. Remember these tips and have presentable postcards that will earn you big.

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