How to Avoid Having Vague Marketing Messages

East Arlington, TX (PressExposure) May 22, 2009 -- A vague message is one thing that your marketing collateral such as catalogs should not have. This is the most essential rule to remember when producing your print catalogs.

If you fail to make your marketing message more precise and detailed, you are more than likely to fail miserably in your ad campaign as well as lose opportunities for you to have your ROIs.

So what can you do? Try not to be vague with your marketing messages. You should convey a simple and precise offer so that there will never be a chance for your ad to be misunderstood by your target clients. In addition, follow these rules to avoid having vague messages in your catalog printing:

1. Know your target market so you can offer the right benefits.

Do not forget to provide your target clients with the benefits. These are the very things that would appeal to them because these are features that add value to your prospects’ lives. You do not have to put your product features or service description, just make sure you give them what benefits they would be getting from your product or service. So explain to them why purchasing your product can benefit your target clients. Not only that, but be sure to add why it is advantageous for them to work with you. Do you provide 24/7 shipping? What about your turnaround time? Can they get their print catalogs in 24 hours or less? The whole point is to let them know what is in it for them.

2. Know your business.

Your business alone is your business. No one else will ever know everything about it. In addition, whatever it is that would need articulating about your business, remember that you are the best person to do the job. So be sure that you know your business, as well as the benefits and features that your target clients will get from you. The more articulate you are the more chances you have of closing a sale.

3. Know your products and services.

This means knowing them so you can better articulate their features and benefits. Once you are able to explain clearly the benefits of your products and services, as well as the issues or concerns that can be addressed by your business, you are more than likely to generate interest, which eventually can generate sales.

4. Keep your message simple.

Do not create a complex message just so you can show off to your target clients. You do not need to complicate things just so you can come off as intelligent and an expert of your field. People understand simple; and the more complex you become, the higher the risk of losing your target clients in the middle of reading your offer in your catalog printing.

Lastly, understand your target market. The only thing that can help you create a clearer and more precise message is to know your target market, their needs and wants. The more you know about them, the better chances you have of providing them an offer that is relevant and valuable that they would be hard put to resist.

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