How to Celebrate in the Prevailing Economic Hardships

, Florida (PressExposure) May 23, 2009 -- Thanks to the economic downturn and the constant rising prices of essential goods and services; most of us have resulted to less elaborate holiday plans different from the days we would celebrate with lots of fanfare. In the past most of us would take long holiday travels to well known tourist destination countries. In contrast we have ended up in quiet family outings or staying indoors with our loved ones. It sure has been a very tough year for most of us. Three years ago one would treat his family to long travels to the coast over the holidays. Many businesses which used to make good sales have drastically seen a drop in sales in the past two years hence business men are struggling to feed their families and pay their monthly bills.

Food and gas prices have become unpredictable with oil dealer warning that prices may go up in view of the recent pirate attracts. Actually virtually the prices of everything have gone a notch higher. We have witnessed big firms laying off staff as they are down sizing to survive the crunch. The last thing on people's minds is fanfare. But this does not mean you don't enjoy your holidays or mark that special occasion which comes once a year.

Family get-together are a great way to celebrate the holidays, all that is need to make parties enjoyable is sufficient food and drinks for everyone. It's also a time to bond and reconnect with the extended family members. Make it pocket friendly and affordable for everyone by splitting the cost. One of the ways of doing this is by asking invited families to each prepare a meal and carry to the get-together. Also think requesting everyone to come with their own drinks. One it will take away the hassle of spending half the day preparing meals for the others hence spend more time enjoying the party. As for the children packets of sweets and biscuits we'll make a big difference, children are easy to please.

Venue where the party will take place is very important towards cutting cost; choose a central that is easily accessible to all that want to attend. Then after the party is over let everyone be involved in cleaning up, at the end of the day you'll spend a very minimal amount and still fully enjoy your holidays.

If you choose to travel to the country side use public transport rather drive yourself; will even give you a chance to enjoy the scenery. If you are one of those who do not like large gathering transforming your living room to a theater may just work wonders. Rent movies that the whole family will enjoy not forgetting that bowl of popcorn, nuts and drinks. Alternatively you can cook where the food is healthier rather than going to a restaurant where mostly you'll get junk food. This would be a great opportunity to experiment new recipes with your family and enjoy each others company in the kitchen. As I say it would not hurt to be a little adventurous, by letting the children bake different shapes of cakes. Allow them to have scopes of ice-cream and chocolate that is bad for their teeth for once, anyway it is a special day.

It would be incomplete not to mention picnics as the other great way to enjoy that special day. These can be done in parks which do not charge for the venue or at a home garden. As you have seen there is really no reason not to cerebrate that special day with economic slump. Either way even with the little resource available you can maximize this holiday season. I personally opt to have a ball this coming holiday.

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