How to Choose and Carve Your Logos with Custom Printing Tips

Los Angeles, CA (PressExposure) May 17, 2008 -- A good logo makes people identify with the company or product that it represents. It should be recognizable enough and unique enough for people to remember. And so, in today's market driven society, it is important that your logo be different from everything else. That is why companies turn to custom printing jobs for their corporate image materials. It duly gives them full control of what they want and how they want it to be done.

There are three types of logo design that you can choose from depending on your needs: - illustrative logos - graphic logos - font-based logos

Illustrative logo designs. These are descriptive designs that are usually composed of an illustration or a graphic that suggests the name or the nature of the business or company.

This type of logo design is very ideal for organizations or companies that market a singe product. It is advantageous to a certain degree that it easily establishes your business and brand. And even though a company may hold new product lines or additional services, it can have the ability to market them as well under its flagship.

Con: However, descriptive corporate logo designs also have its short comings. A single logo can take away the focus on a whole line-up of other services and amenities that it tries to represent. There is also a certain ambiguity that your logo might represent or embody a different business or meaning altogether. While you think this is a far cry from happening, it has happened to major companies before.

Graphic logo designs. These types of design are also called abstract or symbolic design. Unlike illustrative logos, graphic logo designs are nonfigurative corporate logo designs. Since the designs of these logos are abstract or symbolic, graphic corporate logo designs are suitable for large companies or conglomerate corporations that offer a wide array of services.

These types of logos focus on company image and retain it in the public eye. Design-wise, you can very take your imagination for a ride and go beyond the boundary of traditions. You can express and translate these design easily through custom printing, as easy as illustrative or font-based logos.

Con: While abstract shapes and detail may very well express your own ideas, it doesn't always necessarily come through to the consumers.

Font based logo design. These types of logo design are also popularly known as logotypes. These designs are typographic in nature and use a company's name or initials as its main representation.In this type of design, the name of the company should already be established. For this type of logo to be effective, the people should at least have an idea of what your company does.

Con: Font based logo designs are often used by long standing companies that have endured the test of time. A fledgling company may or may not benefit from this type of logo. Since logotypes are usually initials, it does not easily render a full picture of what you do as a business. However, it may still prove as an advantage to create interest or a way for you to play with words.

You make your design in any way you want in whatever specifications you want. Using custom printing for your graphic logo design is a way for you to achieve logos that correspond closely from design to print. You can have it in any shape or size. And no matter how big or small, you can be assured that your prints are faithful to your ideas.

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