How to Combat Stress - Sydney's Noted Personal Trainer Shows the Way

Sydney, Nsw Australia (PressExposure) June 07, 2011 -- For those individuals feeling crippled by stress and looking for ways to manage it better, well-known fitness expert Dan Clay of Sydney has some tips. Dan Clay, the most sought-after personal trainer Sydney is also the founder of the leading fitness program Dangerously Fit. Clay has been involved in training clients elevate their fitness levels and lead happy lives for the past nine years through his ace fitness program.

There is no dearth of stress in the present society. Work demands, relationship stress and uncontrollable societal pressures such as political tensions often make life overwhelming. Learning to manage stress effectively enables people to lead a more satisfied and happy life. The personal trainer Sydney shares in this article several stress relieving methods that people can use in their daily lives when stress seems to be getting the better of them. For facts and information on Clay's Dangerously Fit program, visit

Move into action. Physical activity is a great stress reliever. Go for a walk, jog or do any other exercise, or pursue hobbies such as cycling, gardening or swimming. One can do anything they enjoy to get the body into motion. Being physically active gives stress a healthy channel to leave the body. Physical activity also stimulates the body to release endorphins, which contributes to imparting a soothing effect on the mind and creates a general positive feeling.

Laugh a lot. Laughter relieves the mind of tension and lifts mood, which help reduce the intensity of stress reaction and the associated adverse health impacts. So, embrace humor, says the personal trainer Sydney. Share a joke with friends or family, spend some with people with a good sense of humor, watch or listen to a comedy on air or read a joke book.

Avoid brooding in isolation when stressed; instead, go out and meet people or get involved in charitable activities, says the personal trainer Sydney. Getting social serves as a distraction and takes mind away from factors causing tension. Meeting with people widens perspective and better equips people to manage life's troubles. Charity activities give a sense of purpose and accomplishment. It also helps to be surrounded by inspiring individuals who can in turn inspire people to face life's challenges head on.

Often, stress at work is the result of taking tasks upon oneself either to prevent unpleasant scenes or to avoid errors in quality, points out the personal trainer Sydney. This stress manifests itself as anger and frustration, which can harm health. Instead, people should practice delegating tasks and not to feel guilty about taking some time for themselves and their family, suggests the personal trainer Sydney.

Listening to music or indulging in one's favorite activity such as sewing or painting helps take off one's mind from existing tensions and relaxes both body and mind. Practice sleeping when feeling stressed as it rejuvenates body and mind, concludes the personal trainer Sydney.

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