How to Exercise Vagina Muscles and Have Great Sex

Midwest City, OK (PressExposure) September 11, 2009 -- Vagina muscles become weak and need to be exercised. Do you know you can reach orgasm anytime you want just by exercising vagina muscles? Vagina muscle exercises can be done anywhere and anytime, like when you're standing in a long line at the grocery store, or while you're waiting for your plane to arrive at your boarding gate. The brain is the biggest sexual organ, and what goes on in your head can intensify your sexual feelings and experiences.

Enjoying sex is a combination of technique and your state of mind. If you love the feeling or orgasms, and are lucky enough to experience multiple orgasms, think of all the exciting, entertaining, and satisfying moments you could have. Of course, there are times when sex is the further most thing from our mind. Times when we're ill, worried, or sad. Notice anger is not included there? Because anger can be turned into sexual frenzy in the blink of an eye.

Vagina muscles can can be strengthened. And, while doing vagina muscle exercises, it is possible to achieve orgasm! You can exercise vagina muscles in a public place without anyone being the wiser. Strengthening your vagina muscles does not require an aerobic workout. Vagina muscle exercises feel good to you, and your partner will love feeling the sensations the rippled and developed vagina muscles give to him. Well-developed vagina muscles can hug and massage a penis during penetration. And, when contracting the vagina muscles, it's possible to feel every inch of your partner like never before!

Vagina muscles can be exercised while standing or sitting. The object is to tighten the vagina muscles, and hold, up to 30 seconds, and then relax. Create a sort of rhythm. Tighten your vagina muscles and hold for as long as you can before relaxing. If your vagina muscles are weak, you might feel a weakness, and even though you try to keep the vagina muscles tight and constricted, you'll feel them kind of 'plop' into the relaxed state. Most likely, you do not even know if your vagina muscles are weak and out of shape. Women that have given birth to a baby might experience this weak vagina muscles. But, that's okay, you can strengthen those vagina muscles.

We've all heard comments about the lack of sensations if/when a man penetrates his partner's vagina. This is because the vagina muscles might have become weakened and relaxed, or stretched. Just like other body muscles, if they are not exercised and used, they get sluggish. In other words, use it or lose it!

Doing the simple tighten, hold, and relax technique will strengthen vagina muscles. Most likely, you'll experience sexual stimulation when doing the exercises. This happens because while tightening your vagina muscles, sensations are similar to what is felt when a penis pushes and pulls on the vagina muscles. Actually, reaching climax while exercising your vagina muscles is no different than achieving orgasm when you have penetration; no clitoris involvement.

But don't worry, you will not attract attention to yourself, because your breathing remains calm and even, and you won't make sounds or movements associated with sexual stimulation. But, probably you will notice a release, and feel sexually satisfied.

What I'm trying to say is that it is possible to orgasm without foreplay, romance, or any of the other things usually felt to be essential. I can say this, because I've done it. The only thing you need is a state of being aroused. Associate sex with most everything you see around you. It's a state of sexual awareness and being, who and what we are; and we humans are sexual beings. We can choose to turn sex into a fun and pleasurable activity. Unfortunately, many times, sex is used as a means to control or gain power or create guilt.

A positive outlook on life can greatly increase sexual feelings and your state of mind. People that have negative thoughts and outlooks, exist without seeing or feeling sensuous, or good about anything, day after day. In general, they do not feel very sexy. Simple things, like exercising the vagina muscles, can give you sexual pleasure, just like the vibration you feel while sitting in your car, or on a motorcycle. Enjoy it! Strive to be positive, and keep thinking sensual thoughts.

You can get into and remain at a low-level state of arousal, that can easily and quickly be turned into sexual frenzy. It takes practice and work, but depending on your perspective, if you consider vagina muscle exercises to be work, you probably will never get there. Regular self pleasuring is important, and waiting until you find the time to have some "me" time is just silly. Make love to yourself, not just sexually. Give yourself a manicure, buy yourself a bunch of flowers, and pump up those vagina muscles! Do it for yourself, you deserve it.

When you're with your sexual partner, enjoy his nearness, his scent, his masculinity. Watch how he stands and moves. Touch each other often. Laugh together and find ways to make each other 'right' instead of 'wrong.' Perhaps, the more aware you are of someone, the more they will respond to you.

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