How to Get Off the Therapist's Couch and Help Yourself

Grass Valley, CA (PressExposure) May 29, 2009 -- Helping people with their problems is big business. Psychologists held about 179,000 jobs in 2004, according to the website Other sources indicate that therapists typically charge about $100-150 per hour, with $110 per hour being the average.

College students are seeking counseling services in record numbers. About 20 percent of the 3,000 undergraduates at a particular university in the Northwest are seeking counseling, according to the director of the school’s Student Counseling Center. In fact, the need has become so great that providers can’t keep up, with group sessions filling the gap.

Are there more hurting people these days? Are people more willing to seek help? Probably some of each. But it’s clear that lots of people are looking for answers to their problems and are spending lots of money doing it.

One factor is probably that the current generation of young adults grew up in a more “touchy-feely” environment than did their parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents—Baby Boomers and the stoical survivors of the Great Depression and two World Wars who raised them. So, whereas it used to be a disgrace to talk about your problems, it is now perfectly okay.

So much so, in fact, that some people are becoming “addicted” to therapy—afraid to cut loose and handle life on their own. This in turn contributes to the long waiting list and big fees therapists can charge, and sometimes necessitates the therapist simply cutting off a client who’s unwilling to leave.

In addition, some older people (those Baby Boomers) are often seeking help for the first time after suffering alone for many years. After a lifetime of denial, many have finally caved in, said, “I have a problem and I’m not afraid to admit it,” and sought help.

Still, it’s good to know that years of “on-the-couch” therapy might not be necessary. Sometimes all it takes is a targeted book or two to make people realize they’re not alone, they’re not crazy, it’s not all in their head, and it’s not their fault. A new e-book, Help! I Need a Hug...A Guide to Surviving Childhood Emotional Abuse--How You Can Heal Yourself, Overcome Your Obstacles, and Embrace Your Goals addresses the needs of a particular group of sufferers: adult survivors of childhood emotional abuse.

The author, Lisa J. Lehr, who holds a degree in biology, combines research on the human brain with personal experience and extensive study of other experts’ work.

From the book’s note to the reader: “Damage from emotional abuse is real. While physical abuse may leave scars on the body, emotional abuse leaves scars on the mind—deeply carved neurological pathways along which painful memories travel to trigger inappropriate reactions to everyday events. These reactions, in turn, tend to keep us feeling stuck in unwanted circumstances, simply because we do not realize we have the power, through conscious choice, to respond differently.”

At $27.95, the price of this e-book is slightly over one-fourth the cost of a one-hour session with a therapist. Since no one ever spends only a small fraction of a session with a therapist (even if one did, there’s usually a one-hour minimum fee), this e-book is a bargain. Plus, if someone does become addicted, they can read it over and over again without paying for it again. Readers can also read as many as they wish of the books listed under “For Further Reading.”

It’s available at []. Visitors can download a free report entitled “A Hug: the Miracle Drug,” and/or opt in for a series of weekly messages.

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Lisa J. Lehr is a writer, copywriter, and Internet marketer specializing in alternative health, pet care, and self-help. She holds a degree in Biology and is interested in the study of the human brain and how it controls our behavior.

Visit [] to download a free report entitled “A Hug: the Miracle Drug” and opt in for empowering weekly messages. An e-book to help the adult survivor of childhood emotional abuse recover his or her self-esteem is available for purchase.

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