How to Grow Taller

Oblingo, Benin (PressExposure) September 21, 2009 -- There are many solutions for those who feel they are just not tall enough. Both a course of steroids or an operation can help with this issue. These two options however, can be quite extreme and so it can be a relief to realise that there is an alternative way to encourage growth and a natural way at that.

You can encourage growth by eating a healthy diet which is high in carbohydrates and proteins. This has the natural effect of allowing your bones and cartilage to grow quicker. It is also important to make sure you are getting enough necessary vitamins and nutrients in the diet, especially calcium. Try to reduce or even cut out altogether, the consumption of unhealthy types of foods as these contain what is known as empty calories which do nothing for you health benefit wise. If you feel you are not getting the essential nutrients from your diet, you can take natural vitamin supplements to boost growth.

Exercising also provides another method of encouraging growth as it can help to stretch your body which will boost the body's growth. Some good physical activity to partake in includes jogging, swimming and even brisk walking.

Doing some stretching exercises is also a very good method of gaining extra height. This has a similar effect to all the other exercises mentioned above.

There are special shoes available now which can be worn to improve overall posture which will in turn help to give the appearance of a taller body. Many people appear shorter due to bad posture but wearing these special shoes can improve this.

So before you take drastic measures such as steroids or surgery to gain that increase in height, you should follow these tips to help you grow naturally.

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How to grow taller

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