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Decatur, GA (PressExposure) December 03, 2009 -- Rondale Publishing announced today availability of the Grow Taller Book online height-increasing exercise program at The fitness course is designed to teach strategies that allow its participants to gain between one and four inches of height. The Grow Taller Book places a heavy emphasis on enabling participants to grow taller naturally by utilizing a concise blend of exercise and stretching techniques combined with a recommended healthy diet plan.

“Most people don’t even know or believe that it’s possible to grow taller than the height they are at after their growth period has ended but the facts are there – it’s entirely possible” said Hayden Carter, author of the Grow Taller Book Program.

“The combination of safe and effective stretching and moderate exercise techniques that we developed over the past couple of years has proven time and again that the body is a wonderful machine that is incredibly adept at responding positively to proper stimulation and nutrition. The premise behind the Grow Taller Book is to take advantage of several key factors: the first of which is the natural curvature of the spine. While a slight curvature of the spine is entirely natural and healthy, most people suffer from an exacerbated curvature that robs them of up to two full inches of height – even if they appear to have perfect posture.”

“Another factor is the soft, spongy tissue that is located between the spine’s vertebrae. This elastic tissue is able to react in much the same way as other bodily elements in that it is reactive to stimuli such as stretching and exercise. Coupled with specific nourishing dietary elements such as precise amounts of calcium and protein ingested daily, this tissue can be bolstered so that – over time – can result in up to another inch or even more growth for an adult person. Combined, both of these strategies can result in three or four inches gain in height in a relatively short period of time – usually just a few weeks before results are seen.”

In addition to the height-enhancing curriculum that is included in the Grow Taller Book are several smaller feature texts that were specifically-designed by Hayden Carter and his staff that enable the newly-taller person to get the full benefit of their new height. These include diet and lifestyle materials as well as texts on the positive and negative impacts that society places on height – or lack of it.

The Grow Taller Book is available for a 7 day review to the public for a limited time for $4.95.

Visit to learn more about the science behind all-natural height-enhancing techniques and the science that allows adults to learn how to grow taller naturally. Visit for updates on height research findings and connect with the height research team behind the Grow Taller Book’s launch. For informational videos and samples of the Grow Taller Book, visit []

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