How to Have Unique and Successful Notepads

Telford, PA (PressExposure) May 26, 2009 -- Do you want to produce unique and successful custom note pads? Well you are in luck, since this little guide will show you the proper notepad printing strategies to make the best and most effective custom note pads as possible.

There are four main concepts that you must remember for custom notepad printing to be successful.

1. Good notepads have plenty of open space – One of the fundamental elements of good custom note pads is space. You must always have plenty of space in your notepad designs so that people can write on them. This makes the custom notepad as useful as possible. A lot of people do not realize the importance of that space however.

They make the mistake in cluttering up their notepad designs, freeing only a little space for people to write on and work with. This negates the actual function of the notepad itself. So make sure to prevent this from happening and make the appropriate space in your notepad. This should make your note pads very useful and very successful.

2. Large notepads have impact – Another good strategy for a successful notepad is to use a large size or dimension. Big notepads have an equally big impact on people. Since bigger notepads also means more space for your custom headers, footers or watermarks, you can create a fairly large and eye-catching design that can be easily be remembered by people who will use the notepad. Of course, since the notepad itself is large, people will find a large notepad extremely useful for messages or notes that are a bit long.

3. Eye-catching notepads use color – Of course, color can also play a part in the success of your custom notepads. Everyone can be bored by run of the mill white notepads that are in use everywhere. If you use colored notepads, with an equally colorful header and footer design, your notepads can become very noticeable. In fact, if there are other notepads out there vying for people’s attention, such as promotional notepads for example, your colored notepad can really stand out among that crowd and will probably catch people’s attention first.

4. Efficient use of unique watermarks – Lastly, a truly successful notepad makes use of its watermarks efficiently and creatively. You do not need an intricate watermark, which can ruin the empty space of your custom notepads. Try to pick a watermark that is simple but elegant to see in a notepad. Make sure that it fits well with the notepad with the correct proportions set so that the watermark does not affect the use of the notepad for writing. If done right, people can appreciate the beauty of the watermark and still write on the notepad pretty well with no problems.

Good! Just follow those four steps and you can probably already make your own successful notepads yourself. As you can see, making them eye catching, successful is all about making the right, and simple adjustments to your custom note pad design. You do not have to be wild and loud about it really to get a successful custom note pad.

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