How to Live to be 100 - 1960s Classic with Timeless Advice Republished as E-Book

London, United Kingdom (PressExposure) April 26, 2008 -- When international business leader, entrepreneur and philanthropist Barbara Meynert saw this in an original edition of How to Live to be 100: Actively, Healthily, Vigorously by American Dr. Clement Martin, she was struck by the relevance of this 1960s classic “how to” guide, which offers an impressive array of information on how to live a longer and healthier life.

It was so compelling that she arranged to have the 1963 edition re-published as an e-book, so another generation could learn and benefit from the writings of Dr. Martin. It is now available through electronic publishers

“The 1960s was one of the most creative decades,” says Meynert, “and this book is yet another example of that. It is a wonderfully pragmatic introduction to those who are looking for a simple health and fitness programme, full of common sense tips and tools.”

Meynert recruited colleague and fitness guru Pedro Eloy, Founder of The Star Body in London (, to collaborate on the project. Eloy, who has written a new Foreword for the e-book version, agrees that the book is full of timeless information: “The foundations of How to Live to be 100 are in striking alignment with the four main pillars of current thinking on well-being and longevity, namely mindset, exercise, body fuel and relaxation – it’s all there, and it’s all so pragmatic and useable.”

Meynert comments: “The diagrams, illustrations and examples are all quite reflective of the era when Dr. Martin first wrote the book and this adds to its charm and enjoyment. But the content is so powerfully relevant because the book holds a lot of answers for people living in the 21st Century.”

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• How to Live to be 100: Actively, Healthily, Vigorously is available through the world’s leading on-line publishers at • Attached are testimonials from 21st Century readers of How to Live to be 100, as well as biographical sketches of Barbara Meynert and Pedro Eloy. • For interviews with Barbara Meynert and/or Pedro Eloy, call 020 7812 6135, or e-mail to

What 21st Century Readers are saying about How to live to be 100

"I found this book very helpful and informative. Implementing the message of this book can definitely reduce the number of early deaths and major illnesses in our society." Richard Allen, Coach of the British Taekwondo Team, Gold Medallist

“This book was written in an easy-to-understand way. Your health and fitness is the basis for whatever you want to pursue in your life. Take care of it and “it” will take care of you.” Becky Duggan, England Indoor Hockey Captain and Great Britain Player

"An enormously fun and entertaining read. While the illustrations are evocative of the 1960’s, the home-truths and practical ideas are timeless and still hold true today." Christopher Bunting, Communications Expert

"This book is a comprehensive guide and great start on your road towards living to 100 and beyond. The earlier you start, the longer and vibrantly you'll live!" Steve Oxlade, 2006 and 2007 Best of the Best Masters X-training Champion

"I will definitely recommend it as essential reading to all my patients." Jack Smith, Craniosacral Therapist

”This book contains comprehensive, practical, timeless advice. Follow the easy directions for a longer, healthier and more fulfilled life." Deborah Talalay, Homoeopath

"There are plenty of practical tools and tips. I specially appreciate the value placed on the body structure and the importance of good posture." Sonia Palecek, Fitness Expert

"Full of commonsense ideas concisely and simply explained and which do not require expensive and often ineffective devices to realise the dream “new me” goals." Tom Crouse, Entrepreneur and retired international banker

"Within days of applying the principles from this book, I felt more energetic and my performance at work increased dramatically. You don't have to be 100 to get the benefit!" Amir Ahmad, Entrepreneur

"In my high-pressure sales job I need to keep fit and healthy. After different expensive outlays on gyms, personal training and quick fixes I found this book to be very helpful." Michael Vincent, Sales Manager - Real Estate

'This book is a great manual of operation for human beings, so everyone should read it" Paulo Sacramento, Entrepreneur

"Anyone who's into a healthy life style needs to read this. Forget those fickle fads; they only distract you from achieving your goals." Alex Holland, Musician

Biographical sketches of Editor and Foreword Writer to 2008 e-book, How to Live to be 100

Business leader, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Barbara Meynerthas spent the past eight years researching and studying wellness and fitness for people entering their “second adulthood”, or the last third of their lives, as the Baby Boom generation is now doing.

Following a successful career in a number of high profile business roles including Managing Director of Barclays Investment Bank BZW in Asia and Hong Kong, director of trading giant Li & Fung Group, and a director of both the Hong Kong Airport Authority and the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission, Barbara arrived in London in the year 2000 exhausted – diagnosed with asthma and osteoporosis, overweight and with a greatly reduced sense of wellbeing. Soon afterwards her mother died at the age of 92, fed-up of living with a host of minor problems, none of which was life-threatening on its own – and this proved to be a transforming period for Barbara.

Through her research and countless interviews with leading experts the world over since the Millennium, Barbara has addressed her health issues. She has also come to believe passionately that life in second adulthood should be fun, fulfilling and worthwhile. She now devotes a substantial part of her time to this cause, with a mission to create awareness of the opportunities in second adulthood, and how to achieve and maintain a state of well being that will allow us to live life to the full (

In addition to this work, Barbara Meynert today is based in London and is Chairman of Link Capital, and continues as an advisor to Li & Fung Group as well as to Sancus Group in Hong Kong and The Star Body in London. She is on the boards and committees of a number of non-profit organisations, including the Trinity Foundation for Christianity and Culture in London, the Victor and William Fung Foundation in Hong Kong, the Fondazione Camerata Asolo in Italy, the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris, and the Asia Center at Harvard University.

Entrepreneur and fitness aficionado, Pedro Eloy has been researching, teaching and sharing about health and fitness for more than 17 years. He has trained people from many different walks of life, from models and television and cinema personalities, to business executives, bank managers and stockbrokers.

Recognised for his innovative and straightforward approach, Pedro is the Founder and Managing Director of London-based The Star Body ( His company specialises in providing customised health and fitness programmes to individuals who require and prize a “star body” for professional and/or personal reasons. The Star Body approach is based on the latest trends in medical research, which show that mind and body should be treated as a whole. The integrative “Star Body mind-body” approach developed by Pedro has a proven track record of delivering fitness excellence with sustainable results.

Pedro is a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) with certifications in Clinical Hypnotherapy (CHt), Sports Hypnosis and he is also a Raw Food Chef specialising in transitional cuisine. Pedro was educated at ISCEM University in Portugal and Bournemouth University in England, and he has worked in Portugal, the UK, Canada and USA. He currently resides in London.

About The Star Body

The Star Body™ provides customized Health & Fitness programmes to individuals that want to lose weight in a progressive way, increase their energy and improve their overall health & fitness.

The Star Body™ approach is based on the latest trends in medical research which show that the mind and body have to be treated as a whole. The integrative Star Body mind-body approach has a proven track record of delivering fitness excellence with sustainable results.
We are constantly researching the ultimate cutting-edge proven techniques and incorporating them into the programmes we offer.

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