How to Make Your Brochure a Quick Read

Telford, PA (PressExposure) July 16, 2009 -- Color brochures are about the quick delivery of information. All brochure printing designs sport messages that are easily readable and immediately understandable.

If you do not know yet how to design your color brochures for a quick read then you have some learning to do. In this article, we will teach you how to make your brochure content easier and faster to read through some layout techniques. With luck, you should be able to do this in your own brochure printing task as well.

1. Effective use of section headers - One very big tip we can give you for brochure printing is to use section headers effectively. By dividing your brochure content into specific sections via topic and using headers to describe them, you can effectively make your brochures easier to read.

The headers provide readers with quick navigation points in the brochure giving them the ability to immediately center on the topic or information that they crucially need. They will not have to read a table of contents, and they will not need to read the whole brochure to get to the information that they want. People will appreciate a brochure like this more, than a one designed solely with big block texts.

2. List down things if possible - Also whenever possible it is a great idea to list down items or things. Lists are a very good way to display a series of related and organized information. This avoids the daunting prospect of reading boring paragraphs.

They can just browse through the information quickly through the list taking note of the important items. Of course, lists also help improve the recall of information for people and you will find that people will remember your brochure content more by using lists.

3. Use pictures effectively - Another thing that you should use is pictures. The saying "a picture paints a thousand words" is not just said because of its poetic value. Pictures do indeed display some information better and faster than a body of text. Therefore, if a picture can perform a better task than your big block of text, you might want to go for the picture to make things easier and faster for you and the reader.

4. Describe and do not exaggerate - Now, in terms of style, it is most appropriate to just describe things directly and without exaggeration. Exaggerating is the art of adding in superfluous words. This you cannot add when creating a brochure message.

To be fast and quick with your message delivery, your brochure text should describe things in simple and straightforward terms without having the need for flowery adjectives and similes. Just pure unbiased information is the key to good brochure content.

5. Simple words and meanings - Lastly, something that is related to the item above, we have the use of words. While deep meaning and complex words are always something interesting to learn, for brochures you really do not have that luxury unless the term is really needed. It is always best to just use simple words and not substitute them in favor of bigger and more complex ones.

Complex and difficult words only makes life difficult to the reader. This makes brochures harder to read and therefore more ineffective. So always make sure to review your work and simplify your words if you can. This should make the brochure reading process faster and more convenient.

Wonderful! Just follow these tips and in no time at all, your brochure content will be much easier and faster to read.

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