How to Make Your Brochures World Perfect

East Arlington, TX (PressExposure) June 02, 2009 -- For travel brochures and business brochures, it is important to create designs that will not only appeal to your local audience. Having an international aim for your color brochures is always a good business strategy for your prints so that you can catch this potentially profitable market readily.

Using your original local language design as a brochure template, you should always try to make an international "world perfect" version of your brochures before sending everything to the brochure printers. To help some of you out there, here are the steps on how to make "World Perfect" designs that you can submit to your brochure printers.

Use the most prevalent languages The first thing that you want to do to make your brochures fit for international audiences is to use the most widely spoken languages in the world today. Of course, you would think that English will be the forerunner in this contest, but in fact, if you look at statistics, Chinese, Spanish and French are also very widely used. In fact, in some cases using those languages can net you more readers than English depending on your target location, or the visitors that you encounter in your area of business. So do not just stop at printing English brochures, try other prevalent languages since it can really help you cover all your bases.

Have targeted business brochures Next, if you find yourself encountering specific kinds of foreigners as visitors, tourists or investors, you may want to also have targeted business brochures specifically made for them. With this brochure printing strategy, you can maximize your brochure's impact on them by talking in their own language.

This can make them more comfortable and less intimidated in doing business with you since they can more or less understand what is going on without the fear of having things lost in translation. So if you find yourself getting Japanese or Chinese visitors and potential investors, why not make a brochure with their language? If you are on the European side of business, try focusing on FIGS (French, Italian, German, and Spanish) group of languages, which are the major players there. Targeting your brochures for specific languages and visitors can be really worth the effort in getting the attention that you want from foreigners.

Expressive universal images In addition, beyond just languages, you can clearly communicate with people from different countries by using only images as well. Throughout all races and borders, a smile is always a smile, a laugh is always a laugh and people will always recognize those in pictures. If you use very expressive images conveying universal themes like Love, Success, Relaxation etc. you can immediately convey your message across even without words. So try to take photographs that convey messages as clearly as you can so that everyone can understand your brochure, just by looking at the pictures.

Print in the best quality Lastly, everyone on the world respects quality. To really have your brochures be accepted as "world class" you must always make it a point to print in the best quality machines and paper. This means finding high quality brochure printers that can produce very professional prints. So, try to always make sure that you find the firms that always use state of the art equipment and materials to print brochures. This should make your color brochures very respectable even at the world stage.

Just do your best in following these suggestions and you should be well on your way to making brochures for a wider and perhaps more profitable international audience. Nowadays it always pays to be inclusive and wide reaching to increase your opportunities in business.

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