How to Make Your Customers Feel Secure

Telford, PA (PressExposure) September 10, 2009 -- First things first - if your clients and prospects do not feel safe with you, they will not buy anything from you. No amount of convincing and cajoling can make them want to buy from you.

Unless you give them the security and reliability that they can depend on, they would always ignore any of your messages or offers in your marketing collaterals such as your poster printing or print posters.

It is not enough for your clients to read the promises and security systems you put in place in your offer. Words are definitely not enough for them to feel safe and secure. Telling them to trust you with their hard-earned money, especially during these times when they want keep as much, takes more than just words. When they do not feel safe, no amount of convincing can make them to buy from you.

What you need to do then is to address any of the fears and issues they have in your collaterals, be it poster printing, print posters or even in your door hangers.

By making them feel secure in your marketing strategy, you will be able to build the trust they need to rely on you for solutions to their problems. In addition, the only way you can do that is if you can show them that you can be trusted.

So how do you showcase your trustworthy qualities?

1- By understanding your target clients' fears and making sure that you address them in your marketing collaterals such as your posters. Your target clients definitely have fears when it comes to shelling out their hard-earned money to buy any product or service. Especially during the current economic crunch, they would want to save as much as they can. If you can allay their fears in your offer and exhibit your trustworthiness then you can surely get them to buy from you.

2- By giving respect to their fears you can also ensure that they would trust you. No matter how trivial you think their fears are, they are definitely very real for your clients and prospects. Respecting them and showing that you understand their fears can give you more chances of convincing them of your value.

3- By providing testimonials from loyal and satisfied clients. When people see that there are other people relying on you for solutions to their problems then it would be easier for them to feel secure in your offer.

4- By making promises that you can keep. Offer guarantees minus the marketing pitch. Tell them what you can do; not what you know very well you cannot accomplish but you just include it so they would be attracted to your offer. In fact, go a step further and offer free trials or money-back guarantees to show them that you truly believe in what you have to offer.

5- By being consistent and accessible to your clients. The only way they can prove whether you are reliable or not is if they can actually talk to you when they have questions about your business.

By making your clients feel secure in your marketing strategy, the more chances you will have of convincing them to buy from you.

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