How to Portray Moms on Ads Done Through Offset Printing

Los Angeles, CA (PressExposure) April 23, 2008 -- Offset printing gives you quality ads at affordable prices. All you have to do as a business owner is to make sure those ads get to be given out to the right hands.

The Subject of Your Ads

You must be very careful about the subject of your ads. You must target the right people accordingly. Moms are often used as a target for so many ads.

It is because most moms run the household. They have the purchasing ability. For such reasons, the ads, after they have gone through the offset printing process, go directly to the mommies of the world.

Not All Moms Are the Same

Not all moms were sculpted to fit a certain figure. They are a good target for ads. But they must be treated accordingly.

Most of the time, advertisers portray mothers on their tools as superheroes. This image must have clicked the first time it was used. It was actually a great concept. It was something that most people would like as a tribute to their own moms.

For sure, moms also appreciated the effort of the advertisers to reach out to them using such manner. But as years go by, moms become more and more busy. They may feel like a superhero but they don't want to be reminded about it. It puts pressure on them

The superhero image can still work at times. But not all moms will appreciate it. So to be safe, look at today's moms. Put the truth on your ads. You will never go wrong by presenting what's real.

Ways to Portray Mothers on Your Ads

Relate the image of mothers on your marketing tools depending on your business and the products that you offer.

1. Image

There are actually many images that you can choose from. It all depends on what types of moms are you targeting.

• Moms with babies. Most of the moms who take care of babies and toddlers at home won't look like a superhero after a day of running around and cleaning up after the mess of their children.

They will be able to relate with images of moms who look tired, sweaty and messed up. But all those can be balanced by adding satisfaction on their faces and happiness on their eyes.

• Moms who are juggling work and family life. These types can appear grumpy at times. You can forgive their images on ads even though they aren't always smiling.

2. Figure

They are mommies. They have already given birth to their babies. Not all of them will be able to maintain a model-like figure they had when they were still single.

• Veer away from the perfect images of women who have perfect figures. That will be frowned upon, especially by moms who are struggling with it.

3. Surrounding

The homes that moms must keep are not always tidy, especially those mommies who are caring for growing babies. Seeing a flawless habitat by a mom who is supposed to be them through your ads will make them doubt you.

Moms are a good subject of ads that are done through the offset method of printing. Just make sure that you have a good knowledge about the moms before you portray them through your materials.

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