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Tampa, Florida (PressExposure) April 13, 2009 -- Most people think that a garden can only be maintained by an expert gardener. But, this is not true. Everyone can accomplish growing plants at home. Whether you will be starting a small garden or a large one, giving your complete commitment to this project is necessary. Plants are like children. They needed all the love, attention, and necessary care for them to grow healthy and satisfied. What is important is your willingness to learn. Before going to any gardening battle, arm yourself with the essential gardening knowledge first before planting anything.

Whether you are a busy career person or a stay at home mom, there are no excuses available for you not starting a garden. Even the first lady embraces this activity in order to make a difference. While the organic White House garden will provide food for the first family's meals and formal dinners, its most important role, Mrs. Michelle Obama said, will be to educate children about healthful, locally grown fruit and vegetables at a time when obesity and diabetes have become a national concern. It will not only be Michelle's garden but a people's garden for fruits and vegetables gathered from the garden will also be served to the homeless in Washington, D.C.

Starting a garden, whether it is only as a hobby or for future business venture, should be taken seriously. It's quite easy but a little bit exhausting. But, if you are having the desire and the drive to do it, it will be all fun. Here are a few tips on starting a garden of your own.

1. Start small. If you are just a novice in gardening, it is best to start small. Start with a small number of different plants only. It is easier for you to tend the garden if you will only have a few plants to manage. If you feel that you enjoy this activity and you see that the plants are growing healthy, this is the time when you could expand the garden. 2. Assess the area's condition. Before making any gardening plans, take some time to check the condition of the garden. Choose an area in your house that gets adequate sunlight. Make sure that the soil is fertile and the garden will drain well. 3. Make a checklist of plants to use in advance. To avoid any wastefulness, make a list of plants that you like and commonly use before buying seeds or seedlings for your garden. It is also very essential to determine beforehand what type of garden you want to have--a flower or a vegetable garden. 4. Clean the area. Pull out all weeds before planting. Weeds compete with the plants for sunlight, water, room and nutrients in the soil. 5. Use good soil. Young plants must have the best kind of soil for them to grow healthy. Go to a gardening store and ask for advice on what soil to use for your plants. There is no harm in asking; otherwise not using a good soil may simply end your gardening project. 6. Prepare the soil. Turn the soil over with a shovel. Place some organic compost on the surface of the soil and mix it in well prior to planting. 7. Water the soil. Before planting, water the prepared soil. Water the plants as soon as you have finished planting them. This way you are allowing the soil to settle around the roots. After that, plan a clear watering schedule daily. 8. Use plants from the nursery. Smaller plants are easier to grow for the rookie gardener. 9. Add fertilizer. Add only fertilizer as soon as you begin to see new growth. Use organic fertilizers rather than chemical ones. Organic fertilizers, especially when used in a vegetable garden makes a delicious and nutritious food without any harmful effects to the soil as well as to the community. 10. Enjoy. The enjoyment of seeing and experiencing the abundance of the fresh blooms and crisp vegetables is very well worth it.

Now that you have learnt some tips on how to start a garden, you can now launch your own gardening experience.

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