How to Stop Excessive Head Sweating

Chester, NY (PressExposure) April 13, 2009 -- It's just about one of the more embarrassing disorders you can have. Excessive head and face sweating is as noticeable as the broad side of a barn. It's out in the open for everyone to look at. I should know. I was a victim of hyperhidrosis for years. But I found a solution and I'm about to pass it on to you. After all, no one should suffer from such a trivial inconvenience as excessive head sweating. Let's cure you of this problem right away!

I worked in a busy office building and of course with my problem, it turned out to be a very sociable place. I'd get stopped in the hallways all the time with co-workers making chit-chat or just asking round about questions. All the while my face and head would gleam with unsightly perspiration.

I carried around tissues and would wash my face in the bathroom constantly. Deodorants were no help and skin creams would clog my pores and only plug up the problem, giving me terrible rashes.

I used to try tea leaf tanning solutions, but they would dye my face and it was even more ridiculous. Nothing seemed to work. I suffered from hyperhidrosis, a gland disorder, that caused my sweat glands to work on overdrive no matter what the situation.

Really, the problem was so bad, my work began to suffer. My own self consciousness held me back and caused me to stay quiet in meetings and hold back suggestions. I wouldn't want to draw any more attention to myself and it became a crippling disorder. Once I realized that my excessive head sweating was holding me back from dating, I had to act on it. My work was bad enough, but now I couldn't even meet someone? I don't think so.

The key to unlocking my head sweating was learning the natural triggers to my hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) condition.

Foods that I was eating were one cause. My ingestion of garlic and spices contributed to a significant part of my "after lunch" head sweating sessions.

Additionally, I wasn't taking advantage of specific sweat wipes that are gently applied to the face to prevent the perspiration. These worked like a charm.

Thirdly, I didn't know the specific mental exercises to calming down my anxiety which caused the sweating to continue perpetually and profusely.

Knowledge really IS power and I’ll be providing you with more than enough at . After using the natural methods listed on the site to prevent sweating, I can finally live life without the self consciousness I once knew. And YOU will too! Start right by going to the site and implementing these stop sweating tips.

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