How to View the 4 Lower Chakras as Gateways to Enlightenment

Oakville, Canada (PressExposure) April 16, 2009 -- We all have struggles and tensions in our life and with increased self-understanding and making distinctions of personality preferences, we can deal more effectively with these struggles.

Yoga philosophy cites 7 main chakras or energy expressions in the human being. The upper 3 chakras are more related to the "being" side of ourselves and relate to the transcendence. We can tap into the transcendence through prayer, meditation, and forgiveness. The 4 lower chakras, however, deal with our human or physical side. We are always struggling on planet earth as living entities on the physical side as we get pulled by the forces of life itself. When we get caught up in these forces, we experience tension, stress, and disconnection from our higher selves or that part of us that is transcendent.

To maintain some sense of balance or homeostasis within our own systems, we have to understand where our tension or stress is coming from - which of the four lower chakras is trying to get our attention - this is physical feedback and shows up, for example as anger, insomnia, headaches, depression. These symptoms are useful information to help us increase our self-awareness so that we can make conscious choices hence moving us more toward enlightenment rather than keeping us in the pain and suffering mode which keeps us imbalanced. Learn what the chakra is striving to express and how to use it as a gateway that can empower and assist you on your journey.

For the spiritually minded person who is seeking to make distinctions on life, health and wellbeing issues, an evening at Isabella's Pasta Caffe on April 30, 2009 is designed to identify the struggles using the 4 lower chakras. Through self-identification and group discussion, come away with more clarity and objectivity on your personal issues.

Isabella's Pasta Caffé is offering the Scholars' Corner covering various topics of interests and the first topic is How to View the 4 Lower Chakras as Gateways to Enlightenment with Danielle Gault -- come out and join us.

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Danielle Gault is co-director of D-B Reflections Associates Inc., a company that provides personal and professional consulting services to bring out the strengths in people and organizations. We help you make distinctions on personal, professional, health and wellbeing issues.

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