How to Write a Great Marketing Message

Telford, PA (PressExposure) July 28, 2009 -- A successful marketing campaign depends on the message conveyed. This means having the right message delivered at the right time to the right customers.

If you can learn to write a great marketing message, then you will have more opportunities to generate leads, which in turn can mean a definite increase in your sales.

So how do you write an effective marketing message that is noticed?

Pique the interest right away.

Think about all the boring and dull messages you have received from other businesses. Then think about what you can do to make them more interesting and appealing. In addition, think about what message would have a positive impact on your target clients. Then write down a message that is way above mediocre and boring.

The key is to capture their interest right away. Your clients and prospects are only a few seconds away from making a ball out of your print booklets for example and making a three-point shot to the trash can. So keep them from doing that and let them give your offer some serious thinking. Remember to make sure that you grab their attention, hold it, and then drive your point as quickly as you can.

Provide a compelling headline and subject.

Similarly, your headline and subject will be the basis whether your target audience would be interested enough to take more time in reading your message or to chuck your booklet printing. Writing a great headline then is a requisite to effective marketing collaterals. If you can demand attention with your headline then you will be able to involve your target readers to your message, so much so that they would want to know more of your business.

Never let go of the pace.

Even when you are able to give a compelling headline and still grab attention with your first paragraph, remember that you have to keep up the pace throughout your entire content. Especially with your print booklets, where more information is expected, you need to make the readers interested in the whole process of reading your collaterals. Give them the benefits right away. What would your target clients gain if they finish reading your print booklets? Provide your unique selling proposition to keep them glued to your message.

Research your information.

It is not enough that you are able to say what you want to say to your target clients. You also need to support your message with facts. Before embarking on your marketing campaign, be sure to have your facts straight. Do not impress your readers with a grandiose message only to disappoint them later on when you cannot deliver what you promised.

Finally, always provide your readers with a promise that you can deliver. Never tell your readers a sales pitch that you know very well you will have a hard time to accomplish. The last thing you would want to do is to make them feel cheated. Not only are you losing a golden opportunity to make a sale, but also you are also in for a word-of-mouth brigade that can make your business fail, miserably.

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