How would a Spoiler Benefit my Porsche?

San Ysidro, California Mexico (PressExposure) March 28, 2012 -- Spoilers for a sports car are mostly a matter of personal choice for owners. While some add them to increase the performance of their Porsche, for others it's all about aesthetics. A well designed and installed Porsche spoile or Porsche wing makes a car more aerodynamic and gives a sportier look.

Spoilers were first introduced as an answer to the problem of racing cars not sticking to the road because of excess lift. As cars were made lighter to increase their speed, engineers noticed that cars became loose i.e. cars tended to lift especially from the rear and experience loss of control. This is more pronounced at high speeds and in turns. Adding more weight was not the solution hence some design changes were the need of the day. By adding a spoiler, an extra downforce was created which kept the car close to the ground. A spoiler as its name suggests changes the aerodynamics of the car by spoiling the airflow above the car. This creates a downward force at the rear of car thus reducing the chances of a lift.

Spoilers are pieces of clever engineering and only experienced design teams can make spoilers suitable for a car model. Porsche spoilers increase drag which then reduce the speed. To get that perfect balance of downward force and reduced drag is big challenge that is why you should order spoilers from only the best vendors.

As spoilers and wings became popular, a trend of installing them on top end street cars also started. Porsche cars use spoilers to add more stability to their legendary cars. Wings on the rear also catch more air over the car and generate downward force.

Spoilers and Wings can be made of different materials like fiberglass and carbon fiber but the best option is polyurethane. Polyurethane is very difficult to destruct and long lasting. Polyurethane spoilers do not break on impact, do not require much pre-install preparation and are easy to install.

Porsche cars are one of the most coveted car brands and are a source of pride and joy for any owner. If as Porsche car owner you want to make your car look sportier and stable then just any spoiler won't do. Only the best spoilers and accessories should be used. While spoilers and wings make your car look cool, poorly designed spoilers can reduce a car's performance. This is the reason why there are just a limited number of top notch companies who design and manufacture O.E. style spoilers, spoilers and rocker panels for Porsche.

If you wish to extract a racing experience from your street car then get spoilers and wings and feel the exhilaration of speed.

Just a word of caution here. Porsche is an expensive car. Any changes made to it should be done only after exploring all the options. AT Gt3 Tek, you get only best parts and accessories designed and manufactured by the true Porsche enthusiast who have customised hundreds of Porsches.

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