Hradyesh Brings In Street Rods And Custom Cars To India, Morris Street India's First Street Rod Launched

New Delhi, India (PressExposure) July 19, 2011 -- Announcing the arrival of India's First Street Rod

Morris Street - India's first street rod launched by Hradyesh

World class Street Rods, are finally here, thanks to entrepreneur-pioneer Hradyesh.

He launched India's first custom-built street Rod, "Morris Street", in New Delhi - India this afternoon.

You can own a Street Rod, too, but it's very exclusive. These automobiles can range from a few lakhs to a few crores. Morris Street has a price tag of Rs 2.7 crores on it.

Unveiling his creation, the trend-setting entrepreneur said: "For the first time ever, you can drive a car that reflects your personality, attitude and identity. A Street Rod commands jaw-dropping awe and respect from everyone on or off the road-as much for its inviting curves and finish as for the awesome power it packs beneath the hood."

Passionate automobile enthusiast, Hradyesh, 29, is set to trailblaze through the Indian specialty super-luxury car world as the pioneering mastermind who brought the globally cherished Street Rods to India. According to Hradyesh, the launch of Morris Street underscores his motto: "Dream first to realise your dream."

Street Rods are compelling works of art that are custom built from the ground up, according to the owner's most specific requirements. They are special because each car is a unique masterpiece-the only one of its kind in the whole world, especially created for its owner.

A Street Rod is neither a designer car nor a customised car. A designer car takes a ready made car and changes it in many ways. Customisation is taking any car and modifying a set of its features.

"A Street Rod, however, is the most distinctive set of wheels on the road, one that bears the indelible stamp of your very own personality-your signature. To own a street rod, you do not have to know anything about cars or how to build them. All you need is an irrepressible passion to drive a car that reflects your taste. Hradyesh turns that passion into a mouth-watering street rod.

What is so unique about Morris Street, Hradyesh's first street rod? Morris Street looks like a demure vintage car from 1946, but that's where the similarity ends. Inside, it sports an extremely powerful engine, high-tensile chassis and a bevy of super-luxury features. Using just the shell of Morris, Hradyesh's team custom-built everything under the hood and inside the cabin. "It was all hand-made and custom-fitted, from the high performance suspension to the engine, chassis, air conditioning, power train, gear box and the plush period interiors," says Hradyesh. "Our engineers have hand-crafted the street rod's curvaceous bodyline in such a way, that it sports a heart-stopping 'retro' look," he adds.

From its drop dead gorgeous silver finish body to matching doorknobs to the absolute top-end audio-visual system, everything in and on the Street Rod is there for the singular purpose of building the owner's aura and unique identity.

Hradyesh and his team of automobile designers, engineers, and technicians worked for six months straight to build their First Street Rod.

Hradyesh says: "The time taken to build a street rod depends entirely on the owner's detailing requirements, as it has to be built to exacting requirements and specifications and has also to perform exceedingly well. Such attention to detail is tedious and time consuming, but the exhilaration and satisfaction of having built a car this exquisite is perhaps what Picasso or Husain must have felt. Those exquisite masterpieces have satisfied creators and proud owners. The same goes for Hradyesh and his Morris Street.

Hradyesh says he is taking clients by invitation only. "This is going to be a highly exclusive club of proud owners of a class of cars that will set people apart from the rest of the breed. We will invite only the most passionate and committed lovers of Street Rods to this group. People willing to own one, can go to our website and fill in a form. We shall first interact with them and then only set about building the car of their dreams," added Hradyesh.

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