Huge Differences Between Pyramid Scheme And Legitimate Network Marketing

Oslo, Oslo Norway (PressExposure) October 22, 2007 -- Everyone wants to strike it rich, and a lot of people are doing it online, with at home businesses and through network marketing or MLM you are on the way to make money and secure your future. Do you know that Network marketing business is worth more than $ 460 billion worldwide .There are lot of companies that just scam the public, but there are legitimate network business out there. And you have to be careful about choosing the right one for your success.

Today we want to show you that there is a great potential in this growing market more than ever before. People are making big mistake by comparing pyramid scheme companies ,which are illegal ,with the real network marketing cmpanies or MLM which are legal and sometimes misunderstood by the majority of people. But guess what , the business is growing and people make lot of money in the legal network marketing.You heard network , which means developing relationship , create personal development, so building a network is building people relationship.

When you have friend it is for a long term ,it is exactly the same in network marketing. When you build a network marketing business it will last forever because people will going to use relations, services , products and there is zero risk of being in debt or bankrupcy. The point, as many people will agree, is about being free. When most network marketers are asked WHY they've chosen this profession, they agree: to be free! They may define freedom in different from a job and a boss, free to earn as much money as they choose, free to improve life for consumers of their products, free to be with their families, and so much more.

But, they do have the desire for freedom in common, and once they have experienced it, they work hard to keep it. But the key to succeed in this business is to find a great network marketing which is legal ,respectful and can pay great bonus. So concerning pyramid scheme, which try to destroy the hard work made by great networkers, wikipedia define a pyramid scheme (also known as "Pyramid Scam") as a non-sustainable business that involves the exchange of money primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, usually without any product or service being delivered.

So in this definition we can see that people enroll other not based on the service or product but on the willing to get paid for enrolling other people whereas Network marketing businesses function by recruiting salespeople (also called Distributors, Independent Business Owners, IBOs, Franchise Owners, Sales Consultants, Beauty Consultants, Consultants, etc.) to sell a product or service and offer additional sales commissions based on the sales of people recruited into their downline, an organization of people that includes direct recruits, recruits' recruits. So the bottom line is that legitimate multi level marketing companies earn profits on sales of products and new member recruitment whereas pyramid schemes make money on recruitment of new members alone, and it is completely illegal.

In fact, the federal trade commission offers advice to lead you from the true pyramid schemes and tell you how to identify the true ones. There truly is a genuine opportunity to make a great deal of money with multi level marketing companies, and there are plenty of well known MLM's out there that prove to be successful. Perhaps you know someone who sells you make up and other beauty products. Guess what? They're working for a multi level marketing team. They may drive around in a brand new Cadillac or hand out little catalogues every two weeks. . One way to make sure that your multi level marketing company stays successful is to have a product that will be popular for a long while.The longer the MLM stays in business, the more trustworthy it can be; just be careful of how you run it.

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