Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy offers Hope To Aging Boomers

Ft. Lauderdale, FL (PressExposure) December 07, 2009 -- Dr. Don Fisher says patients on human growth hormone therapy can expect a 14% decrease in body fat and an 8% increase in lean body mass.

Years before Dr. Don Fisher transformed his medical practice into an anti-aging clinic, he provided medical services to HIV patients in Broward County, Florida. While treating them,he came to appreciate the power of human growth hormone therapy (HGH). Dr.Fisher prescribed a type of HGH called Serostim (along with testosterone) to hundreds of his AIDS patients who were suffering from wasting syndrome, the weight loss that affects patients with full-blown AIDS. It enlightened me to realize that even these AIDS patients did super with human growth hormone, Fisher recalls. Their immune systems improved. Their weight improved. Their well-being improved. Sex. Everything improved for the most part, and they were on this hormone that I thought was pretty miraculous.

Today, HGH is one of the most potent weapons in Fishers anti-aging arsenal, though he administers it at much lower doses. While the typical AIDS patient might receive about 18 units of HGH per day, the typical patient in Fisher's anti-aging practice needs maybe only one unit five days a week,the doctor says. Fisher says patients on this level of HGH can expect a leaner body and an improved mood overall. Once they are on it I say, look, you can expect in two to three months three things: Better sleep, sex and energy. If they have gotten better sleep, sex and energy on the dose of growth hormone and their IGF-1, which is a measure of growth hormone, has improved to a range that I want it, they are...

I hate to say hooked, but they want to stick with it because they feel that much better.Nicknamed liquid gold because it is so expensive, HGH can cost the typical patient about $12 to $15 a day or $300 to $400 a month and it is not covered by insurance. Despite its cost, HGH has become a popular component of many anti-aging therapies, generating an estimated $2 billion in sales every year. The Cenegenics Medical Institute, which has offices across the country, typically prescribes HGH to individuals who it says demonstrate deficits of the hormone.

Dr. Fisher states that HGH is not harmful when taken at low doses. When you just are replacing your dose of growth hormone to what you were used to when you were 25 and you maintain it there, there is no real problems with it. That $300 to $400 a month expense is nothing compared to how good people feel it is a quality of life thing.

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