Human Hair Wigs Flow with a Natural Beauty

Peoria, California (PressExposure) September 11, 2009 -- When you are wearing a wig, the last thing you want is to look like you are. Wigs should be invisible and look like healthy hair that flows naturally and beautifully. The best wigs you can’t tell from the real thing.

For natural hair, human hair wigs look real. Made from actual hair, these wigs flow just like your original hair. They can be curled with rollers or flat irons, and allow for the use of chemicals and styling gels just like natural hair. Human hair wigs bounce and flow like the hair you remember. It looks natural because it’s real.

There’s nothing that’s as close to real hair as human hair. Granted, synthetic wigs may be a little more affordable and look close to real, but there’s really no way to completely capture the natural flow of human hair but the real thing. Human hair wigs flow naturally, accenting your face with the bounce that only real hair can bring.

Wigs made from human hair are not only more natural, but they are more versatile and durable than the synthetic variety as well. You get more use and more life. Not only do they flow with natural life because they’re made from real hair, but the hair lasts longer, allowing you to keep the natural hair as part of your appearance longer.

Wigs made from human hair do require a little more attention than synthetic wigs. Like your natural hair, wigs made from human hair require continual care and attention when it comes to upkeep and style. If you don’t want to spend as much time caring for the wig, human hair and synthetic blends are available for a more natural look that doesn’t require as much daily maintenance.

Human hair wigs also make for ideal extensions, adding life and body to thin and stringy hair. Human hair can take short, cropped hair and give it a waterfall of beauty for an evening on the town, perfect for an out-on-the-town dress that needs the flow of long, beautiful accents. They add body and breath to your already existing hair.

Most human hair wigs are made from Chinese and Indian Indonesian donors. European hair costs a little more because there’s less supply. The hair is cut from the donors head and laid in the same direction to prevent curling, allowing for a more natural flow.

If you are African American, many wig manufacturers feature ebony wigs specifically made from black donors for a more naturally fitting wig. These wigs accentuate the beauty and strength of women of color, celebrating the spirit of the black woman. These wigs give great accents, adding style to your already existing hair or recreating the natural beauty of the hair you once had. They come in a variety of styles and designs, so it’s possible to have a variety of wigs and styles for whatever mood you wish to invoke.

To get the most natural flow from your human hair, Optimum Cuticle Hair wigs use the entire hair strand. It’s surprisingly tangle free, holding its original luster as well as complete flow. It cascades down a shoulder with a liveliness that seems as real as the hair you remember.

About the Author: Nothing is more natural than human hair. The shine, the luster and flow of natural hair can’t be mimicked. Synthetic hair may be more affordable and require less care, but natural human hair wigs create the hair you remember, hair that feels alive as it dances and brushes across your shoulder. Look real with wigs that look human. Step out into the night with hair that’s alive.


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