Human Services Outcomes, Inc (HSO) Announces New Program of Outplacement and Career Services for Small Companies

Safety Harbor, Florida (PressExposure) December 10, 2015 -- Human Services Outcomes, Inc. (HSO) announces a new program of outplacement and career services to help employees of smaller companies find another job after layoffs or other terminations. The program is targeted toward employers with limited budgets who wish to include this benefit as part of severance packages. Although outplacement is often provided by larger companies, this program is geared toward making it easier for small or medium size companies to provide such benefits through the economy and value of distance services.

The goal of the outplacement and career services program is to assist terminated employees in quickly finding a new job. During layoffs, particularly, for those who lose their jobs, there can be a downward spiral of depression and hopelessness. For those who remain, so called "survivor syndrome" can result in a cluster of symptoms and behaviors related to guilt and depression including loss of loyalty, trust, and job involvement, as well as an increase in voluntary terminations. Thus, actions to provide quick intervention to restore lost employment of terminated employees can help a company retain a reputation as a supportive employer and mitigate longer term future problems.

Aside from lower cost and human resource value to employers, a major advantage of distance services for users is that they can be provided through video, phone, and e-mail. Thus, an employee or former employee can be helped from home or from anywhere and at the most convenient times. Furthermore, research indicates that distance helping services are as effective as or more effective than in-person services.

All HSO career services are provided by staff who are educated and experienced in career consulting, employee counseling, organization management, testing, transferable skills analysis, preparing people for interviews, locating education and training opportunities, resume writing, teaching networking, and directly assisting persons in using the latest social media techniques to find jobs. All career consultants have master's or doctoral degrees in counseling or a related area, including training in working with people who have disabilities. This background provides a unique perspective for understanding and managing the stressful issues and special problems faced by employees undergoing involuntary termination.

Employers can choose the types of job placement services or service packages they would like to provide, and contract to pay on a per-employee use basis. Services are reasonably priced and avoid the "one size fits all" model. For example, some employers may want to offer only limited services, such as help with resume preparation while others may want to provide a complete career development package to include career counseling, testing, resume preparation, development of interviewing skills, assistance with networking, direct help with job placement, and ongoing coaching until a new job starts. Services can be mixed and matched according to the benefits an employer wants to provide and/or to each outgoing employee's needs. Employers and employees will also have access to numerous high quality informational and assessment tools made available through HSO that can be accessed at any time.

HSO, a Tampa Bay Area company, was founded in 1997. For most years the company provided professional career services to the clients of government agencies such as disabled veterans and other persons with disabilities, to the general public, and to legal entities in Florida, Georgia, and New Mexico. When working with clients, face to face services was the norm. With the realization that service delivery could be done more economically, more conveniently, and with equal or better results, the company evolved into a provider of distance services through video, phone, e-mail, and electronically delivered information. This also fits the lifestyles of those who now communicate most comfortably using computers and portable electronic devices. For employers, the distance approach provides a method for on or off-premises services to be delivered during a most difficult period.

Steve Simon, Ph.D., President of HSO and a Career Consultant notes "When employees must be laid-off or otherwise terminated, it is usually traumatic for those losing their job, the people terminating the employees, and others remaining in the organization. For those let go, aside from financial implications, it may be the first time they will be needing to look for a new job in years. They will often be unprepared for such things as resume writing, interviewing, and up to date techniques of competitively searching for jobs. The intent in providing these services is to give smaller companies, particularly those with limited financial resources, the opportunity to provide meaningful career development and job finding assistance as part of severance packages. When an employer provides such benefits, it reinforces a culture of caring and reassurance. It tells new recruits and existing employees that they will be treated helpfully and fairly even if a layoff or other termination comes. In addition, providing these services may offer some protection or shielding from legal liability, as well as minimizing payments of unemployment compensation.

Dr. Simon further states, "Our approach is to deliver real help...not simply formats and templates for resumes or other boilerplates which sometimes occurs in outplacement programs. Rather, our assistance is personalized, in-depth and needs based, consistent with what an employee losing their job requires to deal with the emotional, social, and family aspects of loss and quickly move on to other work. This is why we believe that a model using fully trained counseling professionals with career consulting and management backgrounds is so important. Whatever services or service packages the employer chooses to provide, we will handle each employee on a very personalized basis. Finally, by using the distance service model, the program is highly convenient, particularly to employees who are already separated."

Employers can find out more about the services and prices by contacting Dr. Steve Simon at 800-207-5981 or e-mailing

About Human Services Outcomes, Inc.

Human Services Outcomes, Inc. (HSO), a Tampa Bay Area (Florida) based company has offered professional career and job services to the general public, to legal entities, and through government contracts and agreements to disabled veterans and people with disabilities since 1997. HSO now offers distance career services nationwide through phone, video, and e-mail to those seeking jobs and career changes in early, mid, and late career. The distance model provides great convenience to clients since services can be accessed from anywhere and often at the most client-friendly times of the day. All HSO professional staff have advanced degrees and experience in counseling, with specific focus on career/job issues.

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