Hydrogen Hybrid Car: EarthList's Founder Concludes Year Long Hydrogen Hybrid Car Experiment

San Diego, CA (PressExposure) March 16, 2011 -- Rising gas prices have sparked public interest in seeking out viable alternative fuel sources to power the millions of vehicles on the roadways. One emerging hydrogen technology in particular caught the eye of EarthList.org's Founder Mike D'Ascanio while attending the 2009 GoGreen Expo in Los Angeles; on display was a small box that converted water into hydrogen and oxygen gas. Although not yet approved by the California Air Resources Board [CARB], testing was taking place to document the results of this hydrogen technology on existing vehicles.

"I am a fan of emerging 'green' technologies, so I decided to convert my 2006 Ford Focus into a hydrogen hybrid and participate in the testing myself," D'Ascanio explains. "If we can make it work on my car, applying hydrogen hybrid technology on a larger scale would make a substantial positive impact on the environment."

Hydrolysis is a simple technology that has existed for decades, and it is now being tested on vehicles as a means to supplement gas and diesel combustion engines with more power and reduced emissions. Hydrolysis is facilitated by running an electric current through a body of water, which causes water molecules to be converted into hydrogen and oxygen gas. In controlled instances, the converted gas can be collected and harnessed, which was the fundamental principle behind the hydrogen hybrid car technology.

Electrolysis: 2 H2O = 2 H2 + O2 (gas)

With testing conducted over the course of a year, D'Ascanio has concluded the testing on his Ford Focus. He recounts a noticeable increase in horse power, but unfortunately, the hydrogen injection did not translate to increases in MPG or reduced emissions. "The problem we ran into was with the car's air sensors and computer system, which compensated for the addition of the hydrogen and oxygen gas that we directed into the air intake. I still have my hydrogen unit and am currently looking for a diesel or older gasoline vehicle to test it on."

Take a look under the hood for yourself and watch the Hydrogen Hybrid Car Video at EarthList.org.

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