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Los Angeles, California (PressExposure) December 18, 2009 -- Desperate for an Inflation-proof Career? How one Vocational College is Changing People's Lives during a Tough Economy.

In today's challenging economy, individuals who are recently unemployed or have been a product of massive lay offs due to company-wide downsizing are faced with a great opportunity to return to school and train for a new career.

Vocational or trade schools which have always provided students with the fundamental tools and skill-sets needed to help them enter the workforce after short-term career training, are becoming more and more popular. Individuals who seek new employment are faced with a grim reality, that the jobs they once held, along with the salaries, perks and seniority associated with it, are hard to find due to increased competition among job seekers and job reclassification among employers.

ICDC College has been equipping students with the fundamental "job-oriented" skills and knowledge necessary to help them become successfully employed upon graduation since 1995. ICDC College offers 20 short-term diploma programs that students can complete in just a few months: such as Medical Assistant, Pharmacy Technician, Computerized Accounting, Dental Lab Technician, among others. Students can take classes at ICDC's four convenient locations in Los Angeles, Van Nuys, Huntington Park, and Lawndale and online. The popularity of ICDC's accredited curriculum is the fact that students can complete many of the programs without having a high school diploma. ICDC College also offers complimentary G.E.D. classes for many students who were not able to go to high school or graduate for many reasons. Government financial aid is available for all who qualify along with increased tuition benefits for veterans and military families.

In 2009, in the wake of an economic down turn, ICDC College recognized that individuals would need to return to school for not only vocational training but to pursue advanced degree options in order to become more competitive in today's challenging job market. As such, ICDC College offers Associate's degree programs in four high-demand career choices such as Paralegal, Homeland Security, Alcohol and Drug Counseling and Business Management and Accounting. ICDC College has an extensive job placement assistance that not only helps graduates get placed, but helps prepare them for every stage of career advancement. ICDC's employment preparation courses and workshops include resume writing, dress for success tips, and interview techniques. Through ICDC's externship program many graduates get immediate job offers upon completion of the programs.

ICDC College's Alcohol and Drug Counseling program is a very popular career choice among students. Mario Anguiano, an instructor in the alcohol and drug counseling program believes that Alcohol and Drug Counseling is a viable career option because unfortunately addiction continues to rise and there are not enough Alcohol and Drug Counselors to fill the need. Mr. Anguiano believes that students who come to ICDC College to start or retrain for a new career take education much more seriously. "As an instructor, I see that our students come to class 'hungry' each day for more knowledge. These students value education and want to apply their life skills and experiences, both good and bad, to improve their overall lives."

In addition, Mr. Anguiano also believes that the popularity of ICDC's Alcohol and Drug Counseling program also stems from the fact that many students who enroll in this career program have come from disadvantaged backgrounds without any viable support from family or mentors and are looking for a career that offers both job stability and meaningful employment. Many ICDC College students are former victims of alcohol and drug abuse who have enrolled at ICDC College to become trained as an Alcohol and Drug Counselor in order to fight addiction and give back to the community. One such student is Gary Floyd, a former addict who turned his life completely around and contributes much of his success to ICDC's Alcohol and Drug Counseling program. Gary says, "I was attracted to ICDC because of the opportunity they gave me to change my life and become a positive influence on society."

Graduates from ICDC College Alcohol and Drug Counseling program are able to work in a variety of areas, including treatment centers, outpatient facilities, clinics, hospitals and correctional facilities. ICDC College's Alcohol and Drug Counseling is one of the few academic institutions that offers a short-term 9 month program and an Associate's degree that a student can earn in less than two years, giving graduates flexibility in how they wish to pursue their educational goals.

ICDC's Homeland Security program is also another one of the fastest growing fields today and popular career choice for many students. Since 9/11, concern with thwarting threats to our nation's security continues to be paramount. Harold Hunter, MPA, CPP, CLET, CHSM and ICDC's Homeland Security Instructor says, "Homeland Security encompasses our ability to prevent, protect and respond quickly and efficiently by identifying and responding to terrorist attacks." Mr. Hunter believes the popularity of the program stems from the fact that students learn intelligence and research collection, crime scene investigation, terrorist profiling, cyber terrorism, and maritime security.

Upon entering Mr. Hunter's classroom, traditional desks and chairs are often replaced with hypothetical crime scenes so that students can apply various evidentiary and forensic science applications to solve cases. ICDC offers a Homeland Security vocational diploma program that students can complete in just 9 months or an Associate's degree. Graduates of the diploma program can pursue careers as public safety officers, disaster personnel, private investigators, and even bounty hunters. Students who graduate with an Associate's degree can apply for positions in various federal, state and local agencies including FBI, FEMA, tribal law enforcement, Federal Air Marshals, federal immigration services, and the IRS.

At the end of the day, students from all walks of life will want a career that is not only challenging and rewarding but able to provide opportunities for job growth in the future. Whether an individual chooses to pursue vocational training or a two-year associate's degree, the most important question for a student to ask is whether that college is designed to get them hired. For ICDC College students that answer continues to be a resounding "Yes" no matter what the economy.

About ICDC College

For more information about ICDC College please call 1-800-213-5229 or visit them at icdccollege.edu [http://icdccollege.com]. ICDC College has four convenient campus locations in Los Angeles, Van Nuys, Huntington Park and Lawndale. Classes are also online. Government Financial Aid, Unemployment Tuition Assistance and new tuition benefits for veterans and military families is available to all who qualify. No high school diploma is required for most programs.

– Lisa L. McGloiry, J.D.

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