IFFS Students All Set To Follow Kareena Kapoor's Healthy Diet Routine

Mumbai, Maharshtra India (PressExposure) October 11, 2011 -- The India First Foundation School is situated amid lush green fields and mountains in Karjat, 90 minutes away from city life. It cares for everything green, strives to maintain the surrounding freshness and aims to grow in between peaceful surroundings. It is indeed apt then that a personality like Rujuta Diwekar be invited to a school like this.

Rujuta was welcomed at IFFS with a traditional "tikka" and some "akshat" by the school's head boy and head girl. A few bright and indeed bold children showed Rujuta around the school. She was left without a doubt that these little ones can give any public speaker a run for his/her money with their innocence, clarity and their ability to engage. In the customary IFFS fashion, Rujuta was felicitated by the principal Mrs. Kavita Karve, with a beautiful soft cream colored shawl along with a frame that serves as a symbol of the values imbibed by IFFS - primarily those of secularism and tolerance for all religions and peoples.

The much awaited lecture was hosted in the school's state of the art auditorium which is a perfectly quiet, cool and spacious space for talks and discussions. The children at IFFS were keen listeners and responded very well to Rujuta's questions and also asked Rujuta some impressive questions such as, why does one lose weight when one has fever? Why do they say that a diabetic person should not stress him/herself out and should stay away from injuries? Why it is that cholesterol is bad and how does it build in one's body? Can one eat junk food at all? Why do we feel sleepy after food and if rice is responsible for feeling sleepy? Does diabetes occur in children or only in adults and why does it occur and so on and so forth.

Rujuta was thrilled to have such a keen and enthusiastic audience in the little ones. In an admirably simple and easy language she explained to the students the importance of measured eating, balanced eating, exercising and also busted some myths associated with food and eating habits. She highlighted that one should also give space to junk food - just that it has to be very little and one has to indulge in it very rarely and maturely. Rujuta also spoke about the bane that is plastic! She insisted that children use as little plastic as possible as it pollutes the body systems without us being aware of it. She urged them to not get excited by the cartoon pictures on plastic tiffins as they are there to lure children into buying plastic. On the contrary she insisted that children use steel dabbas which they can creatively paint with their favorite cartoons. The session of questions and answers would have continued well into the night if it was left to the wish of the audiences. The children had a never ending list of questions. However, it was the teachers' turn next to listen to Rujuta and that is how the session progressed.

Rujuta elaborated on simple things such as myths associated with fasting and dieting and vitamin supplements etc. She highlighted very beautifully the true meaning of "fasting" and "Upvaas" as per the ancient scriptures and age old knowledge. It is indeed true that we misunderstand the concept of fasting greatly in present day and age. According to Rujuta the concept of Upvaas and fasting is to help man achieve closeness to a higher reality, maybe God and it is really the fastening of one's mind onto that higher reality - for which sometimes food intake has to be regulated and minimized at times. However, nowadays under the name of fasting people end up eating more and sometimes they fast without considering the limitations and differing natures of their bodies. Dispelling myths about some foods and also dispelling myths about weight loss was another highlight of the event.

The event ended with Rujuta gifting the copy of her bestseller novel "Don't lose your mind, lose your weight" to all the staff members of India First Foundation School. She happily posed for photographs thus obliging the staff who had read her book and admired her. As a parting note, Rujuta said, "Visiting IFF was a great experience. It was wonderful to witness an institution that allows for so much personal growth and free-play. The children were radiant, energetic and extremely receptive. Most importantly, they get to nurture and grow their own food; a process that I think will go a long way in contributing not only towards their health, but also towards their individual growth and development." Her disposition, speech and her energy levels definitely suggested that she is indeed taking good care of her body and mind. It was indeed a privilege for everyone present to learn new things from Rujuta - she is one person who practices her art to perfection.

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India First Foundation School is a co-ed residential school with a proposed ICSE affiliation. English is the medium of instruction. The school starts from Standard I with a natural progression to Standard X. The school has adopted a dynamic and inspiring theme-based learning methodology. A unique approach formulated in consultation with eminent educationists that strengthens ten core competencies in students - Communication, Thinking, Scientific Temper, Creativity, Value Orientation, Patriotism, Aesthetics, Social and Self Evolution, Organisational Skills and Environmental Awareness. IFFS philosophy is to go beyond conventional education and develop students into well rounded individuals, inculcate in them values of integrity and ability to distinguish the appropriate from the inappropriate. All of this we aim to provide in a conducive, creative and a secure environment.

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