IKITMovie Expands Its Stop Motion Software Solutions

Cork, Cork Ireland Or Eire (PressExposure) August 31, 2012 -- It is now widely accepted that technology is becoming an integral part of the learning environment. Stop Motion Animation is the art and craft of taking a series of images and then splicing them together in a series. Think of it as flipping through a picture book. Have you ever taken a series of pages or cards and drew a different image on each one and then flipped through the card rapidly? It creates a moving picture. This is the theory that all movies are made on too! A movie is just a series of pictures that are played so fast that the eye and mind are tricked into believing it is real.

IKITMovie continues to expand its Stop Motion and Stop Animation software service from USA, UK and Europe. Animation software should be easy to use. IKITMovie is user friendly and powerful. Here is a summary of the main features:

Capture images with any webcam
Capture images with a camcorder (and adaptor)
Import images from a digital still camera
2,200 sound fx included
Voiceover recording
Easy drag and drop sound fx
Onion Skinning to make previous frame visible

IKITMovie 3.0, stop motion software animation application for Windows. Designed to meet the requirements of both the home hobby stop motion animator and school classroom based creative learning students, iKITMovie stop motion software builds on its list of features in previous versions to bring the fun of animating to new levels of enjoyment.

Whats new in 3.0 Easy to use Chroma Key / Greeenscreen to: Add background images Replace a background with video!

An attractive feature of iKITMovie was the inclusion of the 2,000 plus sound fx. IKITSystems have added a fresh selection of music tracks. Drag and drop has been extended in this version also to improve on the user experience.

The addition of chromakey in version 3 takes animation to a new level. Chromakey which is also known as greenscreen or bluescreening allows the animator to replace a background blue/green solid color with a different image or a video. This technology is commonly used in movies nowadays to take the viewer in to alien worlds that cannot be easily built with bricks and mortar in the traditional manner of creating sets. iKIT not only allows the animator to do this but also offers a selection of images and videos to use in your animations. Just as in the library of sounds fx iKIT contains a library of images such as streets capes, woodlands, skylines and so on.

Videos are also included such as stars moving left or right to help with those flying spaceships. Moving landscapes, roads and so on to allow you to make those toy cars or assault vehicles move convincingly in environments that would be impossible to create at home or in the school setting. iKIT also allows you to import still images or videos into the existing library.

This May all sound complicated but IKITSystems Ltd has carefully engineered the interface in order to make using the Chroma key feature as easy as possible. There are tips and tricks on the interface which step the user through each stage of the process. 3 sliders allow the effect of the background replacement to be viewed live before proceeding to the next step for example. If the result is not to your liking it can easily be redone or overwritten.

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