IMS Test Prep Comes Out With Its New Television Commercial

Mumbai, India (PressExposure) August 05, 2011 -- ICOMO Advertising extends the revamped tagline of IMS Test Prep with a new television commercial that throws light on how scoring more can lead you to all the success in life.

We always want more from life than what we've got, especially from our career. Best institutes, good job opportunities, more pay and all the other success, are the unavoidable wishes that tag along after a degree. Imagine an institute that could help us attain all this and even 'more'...

This very idea triggered the complete rebranding of IMS Test Prep with its new tagline 'score more', by ICOMO Advertising. Recently IMS launched a VFX infused television commercial that sports the same concept of how IMS can help students score more to achieve all the success in life.

IMS opts for a rather different approach to let out the message to the young and the ambitious, by using a not-so-serious tone of communication supported by computer graphics. Something that sticks out like a sore thumb among the educational sector advertisements that still follow the obsolete formula of testimonials. The first thing that pops in the mind when we refer to scoring more is a graph and that is exactly what the entire commercial has its backdrop as. Against which is a huge life-size see-saw and a luring golden stack of success for which various characters create a hullabaloo. All the elements strategically reflect the life of a normal student who would go to any limits to score higher to win all the riches in life.

The creative team at ICOMO will unanimously agree that the task undertaken was extremely challenging and hence quite exciting. The herculean task was to merge the VFX and live action while retaining its quality standard. On the technical front, the see-saw and the huge book shaped fulcrum was very difficult to be manned, especially for the actors who had to pretend to be pulling the see-saw with an imaginary heavy stack on the other end. Despite of all this we see a chic and a contemporary ad keeping in mind the target audience.

Sanjay Barretto, the marketing head of IMS Test Prep states, "We wanted a simple concept, bordering humour and still effectively promoting `the score more to get more' idea."Ask Mr. Sandeep Varma, the director, if he expected this project to turn out as he pictured that too in the limited budget... and he will retort saying, ``It's not the budget, but a unique concept and a smart way of executing the same that makes an ad. Yes, we did have our doubts and other worries regarding certain technicalities as we had the challenge to produce the commercial using VFX without it losing its credibility and a certain standard, which takes a lot more, budget-wise, especially in India. But we managed to pull it off. This ad definitely will try to change the opinion of many who believe ads of the educational sector are only meant to be testimonials and serious. We tried our level best to grab the attention of the youth with a catchy tune that supports our computer graphics in this commercial."

This trend of ads for the educational institutes with computer graphics spearheaded by ICOMO is definitely here to stay. You may score more with IMS but with this crazy interpretation of the same ICOMO has certainly scored.

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