IPC Instant CashGets Rave Reviews - It's Not A Scam - Just Make a Wise Decision BEFORE You Join

Tinton Falls, NJ (PressExposure) March 02, 2009 -- I have been in the Independent Profit Center now since July 2008. Dan Miller, the CEO of the IPC Instant Cash system is also the creator and founder of the Independent Profit Center.

Being that I already have a relationship with Dan Miller from being in the first program he launched this year, I joined IPC Instant Cash IMMEDIATELY! As soon as IPC Instant Cash was released in it's Pre-Launch, I got on board and went through the back office.

The main thing I wanted to know is what was I going to get for the $97.00 price of the software package. The original program, Independent Profit Center was and still is a huge success! However, for those who could not afford the $249.00 for the original program there was no lower cost option. Now that has changed....

The IPC Instant Cash program allows people to join a great home based business for less than $100.00! The products are great, there is training in the back office and everything is simple to set up.

You have the option to pay extra to have your IPC Instant Cash website hosted on your own server. Or you can do what I did, and use the company issued affiliate link which is provided for you at no extra charge.

This is an affiliate program. If you choose to refer other people to IPC Instant Cash, you will earn $60 for every person who signs up from your affiliate website. But this is where the fun begins...

There is a very unique pay plan that goes as follows:

Your first sale of the IPC Instant Cash package you earn $60.00 paid directly to you by Alertpay, or one of many other options you can choose.

Your second sale gets passed up to the person who invited you into the program. Then your third sale $60.00 goes directly to you... your fourth sale goes to your sponsor... then your fifth sale $60.00 goes directly to you, and then your sixth sale also gets passed up to your sponsor.

Now that you have made 6 sales, you are considered "qualified". Every commission you make from a sale after that goes directly to you. Now this is where the magic happens...

After you are qualified, every sale you make has to pass their 2nd, 4th, and 6th sale to you! This is residual income. You earn $60.00 paid directly to you every time someone you personally enroll into IPC Instant Cash makes their 2nd, 4th, and 6th sale!

Remember this program only costs $97.00 to join! The only additional cost involved is an Aweber account to keep track of the names and e-mail addresses of people who visit your website. That should cost around $19-$20 per month. It is not required, but I highly recommend it...

But more importantly, I suggest you JOIN IPC Instant Cash with someone who can teach you from their Personal Experience! Let me say that again. I can not stress enough how many times people have joined a program and then called ME for Help!

You are more than free to join anyone you choose to in IPC Instant Cash. I can only tell you that if you do not have a MENTOR who has a PROVEN TRACK RECORD of sales and knowledge, you are putting yourself at risk of FAILURE...

You do not have to take my word for it... being that I know how to Market online, I will make sales with a minimal effort on my part. But the question is will you? More than likely the answer is no.

What people have to understand is that this is not EASY, unless you have a Mentor who has experience in these types of programs. Take a look at my website http://www.Profit-From-Home-Today.com and look for a free report about how you can make money from home with IPC Instant Cash

Also you are invited to a free webinar which is also located on the website

If you have any questions, feel free to call me at (732)-922-9472. If you make a wise decision to learn from someone who has the secret resources and marketing strategies, you can be very successful in this program.

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