IT Has Improved Retail Process With Barcode Scanners And Receipt Printers

Sydney, Australia (PressExposure) July 25, 2011 -- The businesses need to have fast processes and equally fast customer service is also much more required by the customers. In the recent past years there has been certain change in retail industry which was required by the changing customer need and requirement. Increased amount of products in any retail store and huge inventory level make it essential to have high levels of efficiency with corresponding speed. The answer to all the questions is use of IT in retail management.

Whether it is Pantaloons, Globus or any other huge chain of daily use item they have one thing in common and that is the methods they use to manage their inventory levels. This is done by a creative concept called bar codes. You might have noticed that often there is a number printed on the back of your product with some lines. This is what we call a barcode and barcodes are very useful in inventory management as the barcodes can be read out by computers making them useful for inventory management. Let's get a little deeper in this thing.

Suppose a soap manufacturing company produces ten thousand soaps daily then a unique number is given to every soap and then the total range of the barcodes for a particular order is allocated for example if I purchase five hundred soaps from that company company will give me all the data about the product bar codes in soft form which is normally a cartridge disk or some thing like that. While in my store I will just insert that disk into my system and then fetch all the bar code details in my computer related to the product like bar code range, price of the product, name of the product and brand. Rest of the things computer does automatically.

When a person picks up one such soap from my store at the billing counter barcode scanner scans the bar code printed over the product and then sends the information to the system. System matches the bar code from the data base and gets the bill generated based on the information against that particular product. One big benefit is that billing boy do not need to remember the prices of all the products and if you offer special discount on any product then you just need to change the price value in the billing software and rest of the things will be done by the system automatically. Bar code scanners are very popular devices and you can easily see one such device near to you.

Now one more device which saves a lot of time in the billing process is probably the receipt printer. Receipt printer is normally used to print the invoice of the products which a customer has purchased. There are receipt printers in the market which do not even need ink to print a invoice these type of printers are often termed as thermal receipt printers. Thermal receipt printers use heat effect of electricity to print the invoice with the help of thermal sensitive paper. Thermal sensitive paper changes color when it comes in contact of heat. Thermal receipt printers normally have a heating head and when this head comes in the contact with thermal sensitive paper it changes it color and invoice gets printed over the paper.


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