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Rajkot, India (PressExposure) March 08, 2011 -- Aegis software has been at the forefront of adopting technologies and molding it accordingly to derive multiple benefits. Microsoft solutions consist of different kinds of technologies and tools that are used in the best possible manner to churn out innovative, unique and scalable applications. The crux of developing any kind of application lies in its feasibility and the kind of returns the company can be assured of. The total cost of ownership is extremely important because it should not exceed a certain limit and therefore developing an application is not only about using a certain technology, it is also about understanding the business requirements and adeptly offering a perfect combination of technology and business profitability.

We at Aegis, offer our clients the perfect blend by offering them sound business and technological solutions that are apt for them. This is the reason we are always on the path of finding interesting Microsoft solutions and one such application is the MVC or also known as Model-View-Controller. This is a widely used software design pattern and Microsoft has introduced its own version called ASP.NET MVC framework. MVC does offer an excellent approach to build robust and sturdy software. The main principal behind its foundation that is separating the three components does aide in developing the application in a completely new manner and by rethinking and redefining the approach, the application developed is more comprehensive and can offer a better performance.

Architecture of MVC

The architecture of MVC consists of three main components that are the model, the view and the controller. Ideally the main function that the MVC Controller performs is that it separates the input, output and processing of a web application. Each of the components is known for managing their own respective tasks. The view is the interface through which the user can view the web pages and though originally HTML used to be the primary interface, now there is also XHTML, XML and other web services.

It is a known fact that managing too many interfaces simultaneously can be a daunting task and MVC does ease out this problem to quite an extent. It is adept at managing and controlling many different views at one time and in actual process there is no real processing happening. All it does is serves the data as an output thereby giving the user the option to act on it.

The model component is where actually most of the processing takes place and this does define the rules of the business and how to lay out the enterprise data. The database along with the important component objects such as EJB and cold fusion come under the sphere of model component. The data that the model churns out is not formatted, which implies it can offer data for a number of display interfaces. This helps in minimizing the duplication of code because the code can be written once and reused by different views.

The third and the final component is the controller that does the interpretation of requests that the user provides and then takes the desired inputs from the model and the view to fulfill the user's request. In actual sense, when the user enters a web link, the controller takes the request and decides on which part of the model and view to call and then the model interacts with the data, follows the business rules and churns out the desired results. The correct type of view is decided upon and formatting is applied to present the data to the user.

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