Ice Cream Parlor Shake Join Ranks of Proven Diets That Work

Calgary, Canada (PressExposure) March 18, 2009 -- What has been called by one weight loss user as an "ice cream parlor shake" is being reported as one of the proven diets that work with people reporting weight loss up to 60 pounds in 90 days.

The BKS Mindset Marketing team of Ultra Selects | Ultra International ( are reporting remarkable weight loss results from their proven diets that work and the flagship product - Body.

Weight loss users have been reporting the loss of 2 to 5 pounds in the first week and some have lost weight up to over 60 pounds in 90 days from drinking what one member calls "an ice cream parlor shake".

The all-natural weight loss product - called Body, was designed to address 3 issues that most dieters face, according to Ultra Selects International Vice President Lance Baker on a recent call: 1. Creating an enjoyable product with a great taste 2. Keeping energy levels up 3. Satisfying hunger

Baker said on a recent Ultra Selects | Ultra International call that when they designed this product they first identified why most people fail on diets, cannot find diets that work, and why most people put on more weight after the diet. What they found was most people still felt hungry and their metabolism became lower because the body was being starved leading to low energy and also gaining back so much weight due to the lowered metabolism, resulting in no real weight loss.

"We supercharged this product with nutrition," said Baker which he said resulted in a higher metabolism and energy level.

To address the taste of the product some members of Ultra Selects | Ultra International went all over the country sampling the product with thousands of people at trade shows.

"I even let my husband try it and he doesn't need to lose weight but he always wants to know if he can have one because he simply loves shakes and that is exactly what these guys taste like. A wonderful Ice Cream Parlor shake but of course that's not the reason we are using this product," said Ultra Selects | Ultra International Team member Robbie Bracco.

Ultra Selects | Ultra International Body is said to be one of the lowest on the market in terms of calories, carbs and fat and placed it at the top of the charts as one of the most effective diets that work.

To satisy the hunger cravings weight loss dieters are plagued with, Ultra Selects | Ultra International has put 500 mg of pure South African Hoodia, an all-natural appetite suppressant.

"I want to lose weight and I hate that feeling of hunger and deprivation one feels when starting a new diet and with "Body" that is all eliminated so it makes it so easy to lose weight. My first week I lost five pounds and week 2 I lost three and a half pounds and anyone who has ever gone on a diet knows that week # 3 is a killer with almost never a significant loss, but in my third week I lost one and a half pounds so now at the end of my third week I have lost a total of 10 pounds. Well needless to say I am elated! Our Team is having similar experiences and some have lost even more than I have,"said Bracco.

Ultra Selects | Ultra International ( has been distinguishing itself in the market with its progressive compensation plan that pays on the dollar and it's newly found all natural proven weight loss diets that work.

(This 20 year old brick-n-mortar company) The brick and mortar side of Ultra International, (and now the newly formed Ultra Selects) which opened in 1987 and started out in liquid soap has grown significantly (giving stay at home moms the opportunity to earn a solid secondary income for using eco-friendly or green products to do what they already do on a weekly basis) and expanded their health and wellness line. Ultra Selects | Ultra International offers safe and green, eco-friendly (earth friendly) wellness life type products like their Pure Selects spa-quality line that are fragrance free, dye free, SLS and ALS free including a glass cleaner, conditioning shampoo, lotion, liquid dish soap, fabric softener, shower gel, laundry concentrate and hand soap (and now all this is combined with a proven system of diets that work from great tasting appetite suppressant ice cream parlor shakes).

Today their health and wellness life products are distributed to the United States and 30 other countries through distributors, grocery stores, drug stores and dealers.

For more information regarding the 20-year-old company, products or business call us: 1-866-804-3398 or email us: Kelly and partner/husband, Brad Smith are founders of their own home-based business, BKS Mindset Marketing and successful independent distributors of Ultra Selects | Ultra International (

They share their passion and knowledge of being in the Industry for the last 5 years together to help others succeed in the home based business arena. Sign up for their free newsletter: Internet Profits right now to discover step-by-step how you too can profit on the Internet! []

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