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Portland, OR (PressExposure) April 28, 2009 -- Software for creativity and brainstorming is gaining in popularity as people begin to discover its ability to improve their productivity, increase both the quality and quantity of new ideas, and rapidly deliver solutions to difficult problems. Currently, there is an abundance of programs designed to help users create mind maps, write novels, develop presentations, and lots more. Now, the program that helped start it all - IdeaFisher - has been reincarnated for modern operating systems. And IdeaFisher users are discovering this successor program - ThoughtOffice - and getting excited about brainstorming software all over again.

"We're getting calls and e-mails every day from former IdeaFisher users who have found ThoughtOffice Creativity Software," reports David Lockman, Product Specialist for ThoughtOffice Corporation. "They're telling us that they've really missed the creative edge that they used to get from IdeaFisher, and they're very excited to have found ThoughtOffice."

For more than a decade, the standard for creativity software was IdeaFisher ( ), the near-legendary brainstorming program introduced by Marsh Fisher in the late '80s. Marsh's program spawned a whole innovation software industry, but until recently this power was not available to users on newer operating systems.

This next generation of brainstorming software, ThoughtOffice, has taken the original IdeaFisher concepts of associative thinking and expert guidance, added the interactive online resources of the Internet, and made it all work on the latest operating systems. And where IdeaFisher was only able to access its included fixed databases, ThoughtOffice connects users with over eight million online references, which are constantly being updated ( ). For example, the old IdeaFisher databases will not yield any results for "Chocolate Rain", "Social Media", or "Miley Cyrus", but searching on these terms in the ThoughtOffice IdeaBrowser will return hundreds of results.

"IdeaFisher users who've upgraded to ThoughtOffice are telling us that they're very impressed with what we've done with the concept - adding so many more references, associations, and idea 'particles' to jump start the creative process for them," says Lockman. "It really hurt them to have to put IdeaFisher aside when it would no longer run on the newer operating systems. Having ThoughtOffice step into that gap is like, for them, reuniting with a long-lost friend."

ThoughtOffice brainstorming and innovation software ( ) updates the capabilities that IdeaFisher users enjoyed for years, and adds:

* Over eight and a half million word associations, definitions, keywords, quotations, and song lyrics, searchable at the click of a mouse, and updated weekly;

* Access to more than three million keyword-tagged images for additional inspiration;

* New, updated and expanded expert guidance in the form of ThoughtOffice eXpertTopic modules (like IdeaFisher's Q-Banks) covering 16 essential areas such as business planning, advertising, and new product development.

"The response to our re-invention of the IdeaFisher concept has been wonderfully positive," says ThoughtOffice CEO Mark Alan Effinger. "IdeaFisher users have been contacting us every day to request upgrades to ThoughtOffice. We're offering a substantial discount to sweeten the deal, and former IdeaFisher users are really delighted to get their hands on this modern approach to brainstorming and associative thinking."

About ThoughtOffice: ThoughtOffice Corporation is a software development and technology company headquartered in Vancouver, WA. Founded in 2004, the company provides solutions for individuals and corporations seeking to generate lots of creative ideas & innovations quickly and efficiently. ThoughtOffice products are used by most of the Global 5000, Homeland Security, NASA, Inc. 500 firms, hundreds of advertising agencies, and consulting organizations. The company can be reached by e-mail at, by telephone at 360-450-6888, or online at to request an upgrade discount.

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