ImIn Marketer Launches Mobile Ordering and Charge Features!

St. Charles, IL (PressExposure) October 16, 2012 -- ImIn Marketer lately added the mobile operating and payment platform to its already impressive list of custom app features, putting their mobile applications on a new level of functionality. The brand new characteristic will put their clients in the same league as Starbucks and other hospitality giants who have been using mobile ordering and payment to develop their sales.

This feature of ImIn marketer custom applications will make it possible for the patrons of an establishment to not only pick their favorite dishes and drinks off the menu but also pay for them through their cell phones. The software attribute greatly increases takeout orders. In case of Starbucks, it made the company a whopping 26 million in mobile transactions over the last few months.

The feature not only simplifies order placing for users but also frees restaurant and bar resources. Generally, a member of the staff has to constantly hover near the phone to ensure customers who are calling in to place an order have someone to speak to.

However, with this ImIn Marketer mobile app feature, one order after another can be taken without ever getting near the phone. Also there is less scope for human error when taking orders through the mobile software.

From the client's point of view, the most current attribute included in ImIn Marketer mobile apps is quite promising; it will not only save them the trouble of calling the restaurant but also they will be able to place orders faster.

Restaurants already had the provision to display fundamental information like the menu through their ImIn customized applications; this added to the mobile ordering and payment platform means that clients will be more likely to try out new offerings along with their regular order. Together these two features greatly increase the money making ability of ImIn Marketer custom apps.

When speaking about the benefits of using the mobile ordering and payment attribute the CEO of ImIn Marketer said, "Profit in the hospitality business is closely related to how good and special you make your clients feel. The mobile ordering and payment feature allows you to show your users that you care for their business and would like to make the entire buying experience more positive and easy."

The owner of an Italian fast food joint in Seattle confirmed the veracity of this statement by saying, "Giving our customers the ability to order and pay through their mobile device has without a doubt had an impact on our sales figures. While the app was already giving us good results, with this new feature there has been a marked increase in our weekend orders and revenues."

In a corporation environment where competition is rife, the only way to garner client attention is by delivering superlative service. Even if an eatery has an award winning chef working for them, it amounts to nothing without good service.

Even though, with the mobile ordering and payment feature of ImIn Marketer custom applications, restaurants can give their patrons all the attention they need without investing manpower in it. So, the app essentially offers a win-win situation for the business as well as the clients.

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