Important Reminders for Large Poster Printing

Telford, PA (PressExposure) October 24, 2009 -- Large poster printing has many inherent problems built into it because of its size. Unlike most normal printing concerns, the large size represents several design and logistical challenges.

This is what makes it quite a handful especially if you do not know what you are doing. In this article, I am going to give you some great tips on how to manage this kind of poster printing so that you do not make any mistakes with your large and expensive posters.

• Mind the resolution - Large poster printing means that your design files should always have high-resolution images. In fact, for large posters, it must be as high as possible. This must be done so that you do not get the blurriness associated with stretching the picture and seeing all the component pixels.

You must always mind the resolution of your images and always maintain it at the highest possible quality. Make sure that your photographs are taken with the best high quality camera available and when possible you should create your own high-resolution graphics and symbols, instead of copying stuff in the Internet. This should minimize the occurrence of blurriness in your large color posters.

• Mind the dimensions - You must also remember to mind the proper dimensions of your document. Not only must you cover the actual real world dimensions of your design in your design document, but you must also add the printing "bleed". The print "bleed" is basically an extension of the design that acts like a buffer for the printers in cutting or folding the large posters. This should prevent awkward cuttings of your large posters with design elements that look misaligned our out of frame.

• Mind the scales - The scale of your images should also be managed effectively. Since you might be working with images on different smaller and bigger resolutions, you have to adjust everything so that it scales well with the others. Everything must look like they are meant to be together and not out of place or out of scale. You can adjust your image's scale usually in most publishing or design applications.

• Know the costs - In printing large posters, there are two main costs that you should know about.

• Financial costs: The basic financial cost is usually on par with printing a lot of smaller posters. However, for special custom sizes, you might need to spend a little bit more since it is a custom order. More or less though, you should find little trouble in paying for your posters.

• Logistic costs: In terms of logistics, this project will require manpower and some tools like adhesives, stands and other such attachment mechanisms for deployment. Since large posters take time to be placed place and need be adjusted by many people, you can reliably expect to spend some time and extra money as you try to deploy them.

These are the basic things you need to know about printing large posters. Are you prepared to do all that is required for it? Good Luck!

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