InFront Tools Launches CD Business Cards to Help Real Estate Professionals Win More Business

Bakersfield, CA (PressExposure) September 22, 2008 -- InFront Tools has launched innovative, interactive, personalized CD Business Cards for Real Estate agents and lenders to help them stand out from the crowd, increase sales, and win more business.

Bakersfield, California-based InFront Tools has launched innovative CD Business Cards for Real Estate Professionals to help them stand out from the crowd and win more business. These interactive Business Cards, supplied on mini CDs, respond to the growing problem that Real Estate Agents and Lenders (Real Estate Professionals) face when too many agents compete for the same business. These CDs will help them stand out while promoting themselves and property listings.

Matt Coy, Owner of InFront Tools, explains: “I have been providing similar CD marketing tools since 2003 under contract to an $8 Billion Title Insurance company, and at the termination of that contract, I decided to continue offering my services independently. My CD Business Cards have always been tremendously praised by the hundreds of real estate professionals who have used them across the state, reporting increased sales and customer satisfaction from their clients.”

You can order as few as 10 CDs for just $30 through the company’s Agent Success Club, which was developed to help real estate professionals increase their online and offline marketing presence.

Other membership benefits of Agent Success Club include additional tools such as monthly private label prewritten articles, personalized financial calculators for web sites and CDs, a PDF newsletter generator, and more. To help you get the most out of your Agent Success Club membership, Coy has written an e-book, free for all members, entitled "A Real Estate Agent's Guide To Online Super Success: How To Survive And Thrive In Today's Online Real Estate World." This book will teach you everything you need to know to create and keep a powerful online presence, utilizing the tools available on the web site.

These new CD Business Cards for Real Estate Professionals mean that real estate professionals have a new, high-tech tool for their marketing arsenal, with features that are sure to impress current and potential clients. Business Card CDs will cause them to stand out from their peers in the massive competition for limited business. “Using our CDs will win our customers a larger share of business and increase sales," says Matt Coy.

The customized CD Business Cards can include:

• The member’s photo, logo, and contact information (including links to their website and email) on the label and disk presentation • The member’s biography or sales message to promote themselves to potential clients • The member’s personalized suite of financial calculators • A collection of real estate-related documents for their clients (i.e., a huge real estate glossary, a property-shopping comparison checklist, a moving checklist, and more) • Alternatively, CDs can include details of properties the agent is promoting, including photo slideshows, property flyers, and web links to online virtual tours.

Coy believes that the clients of Real Estate Professionals will reuse the CDs again and again to get answers to their financial questions and are likely to pass them on to their family and friends, netting the agent even more referrals.

“Through Agent Success Club membership and its new CD Business Cards, Real Estate Professionals will no longer struggle for business along with other agents because they will now have marketing tools that will help them stand out, with features that are sure to impress current and potential customers. My clients tell me the CDs have helped them get more listings and increase sales dramatically,” says Coy.

To find out more, visit and take advantage of the 7-Day Trial for $1.

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