In This Economic Climate Pre Trade Show Marketing Is Critical

Sydney, Australia (PressExposure) February 26, 2009 -- In our current economy and its increased costs, how can businesses guarantee that their trade show investment will pay off?

“Attending and participating in a trade show without advance preparation is a waste of time and money,” said Ken MacKenzie, Marketing Consultant and author of ‘The Trade Show Edge’, an eBook specifically written for trade show exhibitors.

“Pre trade show marketing is critical to alert potential customers to your presence, your purpose and your business,” he added.

According to Mr. MacKenzie, there are multiple ways to communicate with your target market, when planning your pre trade show marketing efforts.

“Some methods of communication are much more effective, appropriate and cost efficient than others. As always, your budget will dictate how many touch points you can have with your target market. Also keep in mind that you should be trying to find ways to drive the right people to your exhibit at the lowest cost per qualified lead,” he said.

Mr. Mackenzie said that you need to let your prospects know where your booth is located on the trade show floor. He said that you should use tag lines such as “see us at Booth 1635 at the such and such Trade Show” in news releases and other communications such as direct mail leading up to the show.

“It’s very important that you don’t make your customers and prospects hunt you down,” he said.

Recent research has shown the most successful companies at a range of exhibitions (in terms of business generated and leads collected) were the ones that took the trouble to undertake pre trade show marketing such as mailing their prospects and customers before the show.

You can increase your ROI by integrating various pre trade show marketing tools to direct qualified buyers to your expensive booth. Diversity in your pre trade show marketing strategy will yield greater results and you will record a much higher success rate, with increases in both target visitor attraction and sales lead conversion.

“Don’t take a one-dimensional approach to your pre trade show marketing, as you will not get the desired results from the trade show,” said Mr. MacKenzie.

“Trade show promotions are designed to engage your potential customers through a personalized, multi-step marketing strategy that facilitates your ability to reach your trade show objectives,” he said.

This includes pre-selling attendees through phone calls, personalized invitations, direct mail or email, to introduce your products and encourage them to visit your booth. Additional pre trade show marketing methods are outlined in Mr. MacKenzie’s book details of which can be viewed at .

By knowing your target audience, you should target prospective buyers for your products and/or services, prior to the trade show commencing, by creating a positive image and brand awareness.

To maximize your trade show effort tailor your messages to the concerns, needs and interests of your prospects.

Take the time to really determine your target audience! It’s very important.

And, don’t underestimate the power of a pre trade show marketing campaign. An effective pre trade show marketing promotion can deliver increases of 50% in conversions to qualified leads.

Always build a portfolio of activity that will drive the lowest cost per qualified lead and map out your timeline so that you give reasonable notice to your prospects.

It’s always a good idea to segment your list for better results and have a contextually relevant and compelling offer.

You will want to come back to it at a later point when it is time to prove your ROI so keep tabs on what your pre-show marketing tactics are costing you.

Remember that every trades how booth visitor is different with different needs, and until you know exactly what those individual needs are, you could only offer a ‘one size fits all’ solution. That can never work effectively.

Ken MacKenzie is a former Senior Consultant with International Public Relations and Marketing Manager with a U.S. Trade Center. He is the author of “The Trade Show Edge”. For additional information on pre trade show marketing techniques, please visit: [The Trade Show Edge|]

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