In the Right Light - What You Need to Know about CFL Bulbs

Fort Lauderdale, Florida (PressExposure) August 12, 2009 -- They are lasting longer, shining brighter, and saving money. For those in need of a refresher, CFLs provide numerous benefits over other options. Some of the features of CFLs include:

CFL bulbs last longer, saving your customers money:

Although they cost more to purchase, consumers actually end up saving money because of the longer life of the bulb (up to ten times longer life). An Energy Star qualified bulb will save customers about $30 over the lifetime of the bulb. This savings gives vendors the opportunity to up-sell additional products.

CFLs are energy efficient:

CFL bulbs use about 75% less energy than tradition incandescent light bulbs. Not only this, the energy they do use is being used more effectively. Up to 80% of energy used by incandescent is wasted as heat, not light. Ultra efficient bulbs don't have this problem, making them run both cooler and more efficiently.

What are they?

Compact fluorescent light bulbs don't operate the tradition way: running current through a wire filament until it gets hot enough to glow. CFLs drive current through vapors, creating ultraviolet light, which is then converted inside the tube into visible light. Older CFLs have magnetic ballasts which often buzz, new CFLs have replaced this with electric ballasts, which operate silently. Newer energy efficient CFLs really are a fascinating and unique concept.

Mercury: the honest truth:

Yes, CFLs do contain trace amounts of mercury (about 4 milligrams in each bulb.) On the other hand, power plants emit a significant amount of mercury. The reduced energy consumption of CFLs means that there is a net reduction of the amount of mercury emitted for lighting purposes. Also it is worth mentioning that broken CFLs can be cleaned up without involving the fire department.

As compact fluorescent lights grow in usage it is important that vendors stay abreast of all the options and considerations of newer light bulbs when suggesting an effective lighting solution to their clients. These energy efficient light bulbs truly do offer superior performance over incandescent.

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